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Hello again,

I’m writing again so the blog hasn’t died yet.
Last week was pretty successful at hobby matters:
First of all I chose colors for my Redemptionists gang (Necromunda). Moreover I even tested it on 2 gangers!

The plan is to make display base for the whole gang – that’s why models are still unbased. I want to make sth like large mosaic base (jerusalem cross for example) which can be part of temple of Redemption in the Underhive.

What else?
My recipient recieved model I painted for Chest of Colors Miniature Exhange #3 (attached photo). The model is Boyar champion from Sciborminiatures. If you want to get mini painted all you have to do is registed to CofC site and wait for Mini Exchange #4 🙂

I also managed to paint basic colors on 3 Chaos Terminators of Nurgle (commissioned models) and converted lord chaos – also from Warhammer 40000 which probably will be kicked out on Ebay.

Last week I’ve also been working on the artile which might appear in one of coming No Quarter magazines (Privateer Press)> I’m still waiting for the contact from guy responsible for NQ submissions.

And last but not least – on Thursday I recieved old Chaos armybook (1994)!!!
I purchased this thing for almost nothing in MINT condition – the box was still sealed!!!
One more evil grimoire to my collection!!!

That’s it for now, hope to update the thread next Sunday.

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