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Yet another weekly hobby summary:

Past 7 days were pretty successful for me if speaking about hobby matter.
First of all I managed to contact with one of my painting Grand Masters – Jakob Rune Nielsen himself (!!!) and after exchanging some emails I’m quite sure he will be the one who paints the last of my Redemptionists – after I screw all but one gangers the painting commission shall be placed.

I also found a pretty successful source of OOP Rackham models. So far I painted only 1,5 minis from that company but there are still models I’d love to have in my collection – even if I won’t paint them for a long time. Therefore box of Mid Nor Incubi and Hydra Warrios should be delivered on Monday.

Lasy weekend I also put the first auction on my (rather unused…) Ebay account. It’s definitely no special paintjob (German Geneticists from Darkson Designs) but I have MUCH more minis to get rid of so I hope this will be good way to make some room in the glasscases.

I was also pleasentry surprised when I learnt my Dire Troll Mauler was published in No Quarter #28 magazine – it was my entry for Ghostly Visage Painting Challenge (it’s the badass on a top of the page). Unfortunately if didn’t win (was just put as honorable mention) but I have an idea for the next NQ contest and hope to finally win it. The basic construction of the base for my entry was built yesterday. I am taking pics at every step so if the final effect is nice – I will try to write an article about it.
And speaking about articles in No Quarter – I was also informed my text about creating display bases will be published in May/June so another small step was made into direction of the land of fame and huge money! :p

The last weekly achievement was finishing Death Guard Chaos Terminators for the client. The varnish is drying at the moment and I hope to send pics to review this evening. Official pics will be take after client accepts the paintjob.

That’s it for this Sunday. See ya next week.

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