2 sierpnia, 2021 Piotr Mikians 0 Comments

My name is Piotr (aka demi_morgana). I’ve been in the miniatures hobby for many years (since the beginning of 1997 I think).
Since that time I painted lots of minis and played many different games. Unfortunately nowdays I cannot spend on hobby as much time as I’d like because of home duties, 2 jobs and postgraduate studies…
But last weekend I realised I don’t have my own private space in the internet so I decided to give this blog a try.
I’ll try to post here some of my new painitng creations and some other hobby stuff I do (articles, tutuorials, ideas for tasty drinks…) and I’ll also try to post stuff unavailable on other sites/forums to which I am registered.

During my time spent on hobby I painted many minis as comissions so if by any chance you’re interested in placing such commission – just let me know.

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