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Hello – for the last time in the shortest month of a year!

Last week there was not much going on in my hobby area. The reason of it was the fact I had to go to Univ for the weekend (Friday – Sunday) so the best time for painting was used for sth else…
Worseluck I’ll have to go to Univ for the next 3 weekends in a row so March will be sad month for all my unpainted minis (especially Rackham beauties…).
On the other hand I think I should put worseluck in quotes because I must say I enjoy these studies. I’ve never thought I will say that after 5 ghastly years of studying law but things I learn now (valuation) are damn interesting!

I know not everyone has to be fan of estimating value of properties so let’s go back to the main topic:

Definitely the greatest achievement of last days was finishing the second Hydra Warrior – pics were taken today and as always are nothing special (if I don’t screw the mini with my painting I will do it with the pic taken…) but I think they are still better that average pics I manage to tak:.
This time I changed my stupid habit of using ton of varnish on each model and changed the color of background.
There’s still one Hydra Warrior left to paint (it’s base and group base are already prepared) so I hope to see the final effect pleasant to the eye – if someone likes zombies and overdone bases.

And speaking about taking pictures – last Monday I went to meeting of local professional photographers. I hope to get some help and useful tips how to take really fine pics of miniatures.
Who knows – maybe I can even convice them to take pics for me? :p
I don’t even dare to expect Mahon’s quality of photographs but it really pissess me off when I spend lots of time painting piece of lead and cannot properly show whole the effort to the public.

I said it before and I still claim the hobby isn’t limited to miniatures only. Last week I got Call of Duty: World at war PS3 game. I was expecting a lot from this but after 15 mins in front of the screen I realised it was missed investment:
compared to Medal of Honor: Airborne the game is just fucking boring. Graphic is much better and there’s no doubt about it but gameplay is just plane and no fun. I prefer shooting italian blackshirts than japanese regular army. I will try to finish it this week but I’m quite sure it will be put on internet auction within few days.

About the auctions – in about 12h auction for my Zombie Wolfen ends – so far no bids but 5 watchers. If I can’t manage to get rid of it this time I think the model will become a gift or sth like that. Selling it cheap is no business but selling it cheaper is just stupid.

The last thing related to hobby happened today afternoon. When I came back and checked my mailbox I found email from one of guys from Wargamer’s forum (polish forum about wargaming especialy about such not enough promoted in Poland, SADLY, games like Warzone- my hobby adventure started with Warzone btw, Chronopia, FoW and many others).
I was asked to be a judge in the coming Warzone painting contest. I agreed almost immediately (despite the fact I won’t be ale to participate) – I’ve never been judging anything and it might be good fun! We’ll see.

That’s it for now – take care!

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