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Last week was pretty busy but because of weekend at Univ it wasn’t as productive as I hoped for. Which is a bit sad because I really enjoyed working on one of my Rackham aberrations. So let’s start summing up:

As you can probably see there were some technical blog changes. I decided to experiment with colors to make it more comfortable for an eye. Black layout was fine for me but I think it made readers tired much faster than kinda beige tone used now. We’ll see – I think it’s still not the final version of blog layout.
And speaking of layout – I think it’s time to start thinking about the banner on top of the site. Choosing proper font is much more challenging than miniatures from my collection for the picture but I hope I can handle with this problem one way or another.

Speaking of miniatures – (surprisingly) as I planned I managed to finish Chaos Lord and also put this piece on Ebay. Yup, it’s there waiting for new owner. Painting is definitely nothing special but I deeply hope to see the theory that selling Space Marines ain’t problematic working.
Especially the model is heavily converted using some resin parts and also head from old Chaos Raptor miniature (by god these raptors were ugly!)
The auction ends next Sunday – fingers crossed for it!!!

Another fact related to minis is I got new backgrounds for taking pics. Last week I found very good quality inkjet at my workplace – one of my mates designs buildings or does sth very similar. He was also kind enough to print 4 ink-heavy pages which now are ready to use in my micro photo-lab.
I must say both Mahon and Radovan were correct – pics taken on such backgrounds require much less digital enchancing and they also turn out much more natural and realistic. Thanks guys once again!

But the true cherry on the top of this cake is the aberration.

It’s of course still work in progress stage except for the base which is done (no idea why colors on pic differ from colors in the flesh but when the model is finished I will do my best to get as decent pics as I can).
While painting Space Marine head used for base I had to use my emergenct Raphael brush to paint eyes details – it worked SO great that I think I’ll save it especially hard or tricky situations – don’t wanna waste such a great tool on something that any other brush can do equally well.
I want to finish the beast this week but don’t want to rush with painting aberration. The plan is to paint lots on nuances on the flesh to make model much interesting – we’ll see if Mr Illusionrip was right 😉

What else? Not much really…
Dante’s inferno is ok, much better that World at war but cannot say it’s something jawdropping – apparently I am getting to old to play video games =(

That’s all this time – next week I hope to show you finished Dirz beast and at least one new base prepared for another Rackham model!

Take care!

PS. @Tucznik: it’s especially for you – this time I am writing that new whey proteins work really fine and therefore my progress at gym is easy to spot 😉

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