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Yup – that’s corrected: Jesus was crucified once again and once again he ressurected!
He’s been doing the same trick every year for almost 2000 years now and somehow people aren’t bored yet – that’s what I call the miracle!

Fortunately there are also more interesting things to write about that Easter so let’s go back to the weekly hobby summary.
First of all – technical changes: as you can notice the blog is constantly changing. Every week I spend some time learning basics of html and this site is good place to test new skills and magical abilities of mine. I have no idea how long will it take to get the final look of the blog but no worries – I’ll write about it for sure. What do you think about new avatar by the way?

As for miniatures there was also going on a bit during passing week – no as much as I’d wish but it’s still much better that nothing.
So first of all I prepared another display plinth for one of my miniatures – another one with forest theme. I must say some time ago I discovered building bases is for me equally cool as painting minis and now painting figure on plain, flat, boring base is just no fun.
The mini which will be standing on this base is Mid Nor standard bearer – I got the model at the beginning of the year together with rest of zombified dwars goodies. It’s already pinned and undercoated so I hope to paint first layer of paint on it soon.

Another scenic base I started creating last week is designed for 2 Mid Nor minis I will be painting for my mysterious figures supplier (hi again Alek 😉 ) . The plan was to add some water effect on it but because I have no Andrea artificial water anymore but Vallejo crap only I’m not sure I want to risk using it. As for minis for this project – these are sentinel and scourge bearer from Mid Nor. Painting these minis is just 101% of fun.
When the paintjob is done my collection of models will be supported by Cadwe Agitatorfire support goblin (hope to practise painting osl on this piece), BacbunzenKobalt the Caustic (which will probably be opponent of my Aberration on the diorama) and two cherries on top of the cake: Xherys the Visionary and Akaranseth – the last one will make my collection of Mid Nors nearly complete – nearly…

And to finish theme of Rackham for this week I undercoated Nemesis clone and Dasyatis clone and almost assembled black troll and behemoth troll – the last one will surely be placed in winter scenery – if I find another nice model I also might try to make a bigger diorama. We’ll see.
And the absolutely last thing about Rackham was gathering wood for Mid Nor war staff. If there’s any painting contest I want these guys be my entry in unit category.

As for other brands od models – last friday I finally started painting the biggest warcaster in Cryx arsenal: Lich Lord Terminus. I was aware of the fact painting it won’t be easy but I didn’t realize how much until I painted first layer of paint. Hope I can finish it before Xmas…

Now after load of boring stuff the time has come the the big news of the week:
definitely the biggest hobby success was painting Chaos Champion of Nurgle. Paitning it took me about 3 evenings so looks like I am geting faster with every rotting style model painted. Once again the the critical moment Raphael fine detail brush save the paintjob – it’s just perfect for painting all tiny things like pupils and sparks of light (thanks Ana and Mahon!).
I like the final effect so much that I’m sure similar colors will be used for Palaquin of Nurgle waiting patiently (and pretty long) for paintjob. It was supposed to be centerpiece of my old „Forces of Evil” project but I think I’ll rather make decent base for it only – I was never good at painitng large, time consuming projects because sadly I tend to get bored just after painting a few models. Anyway the champion is done and I think I’ll take a few days off work soon to paint the Palaquin – the model is way too cool just to lay in string bag.
So the Champion is finished but I now greedy person so I decided to share it with the world – it’s already available on Ebay. Too bad I don’t have any more Chaos Marines to paint – such models are always very „Ebay-friendly”. Oh well – I think I’ll be watching internet auctions more diligently searching for another victim to paint.

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