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Another Sunday arrived to it’s time to sum up passing 7 days.
And I must say – once again lots was going on in my miniatures hobby!

So we start with technical update once again – and I must assure you there will be more sooner or later.
I’ve been testing some ideas for new blog’s banner (current one is not „clear” enough in my opinion) but none of them was good enough to be used. Any ideas maybe? If so – there’s post comment button below the post you know 😉
Another change was my logo: I’ve been trying to make it myself last weekend but finally gave up – I’m definitely not good at using GIMP or Photoshop…
So I was advised to ask professionals for help and I did it: thanks to Ewa and Kacper from Projektovnia Studio I have nice and shiny new logo! I think sooner or later I’m gonna ask these guys for help in making up new banner and who knows – maybe new layout of the site…

Another good news is I put Dante’s Inferno on auction and despite there’s still one day for bidding left there are already 2 bidders! The game was just not my taste – I finished it and don’t wanna see it again. So I decided to replace it for something more playable: Sid Meier’s Civilization. I downloaded demo of the game and like it so far – time to make Elbląg capital city of the world hehehe!

Speaking of auctions I think I managed to solve the problem of lack of Ebay-friendly models on my work station: on Friday I got mounted Archaon for about 50% of retail price: it’s chaos, it’s heavy armoured and iirc has nice gaming rules so I think it will be good shot. I am also watching some oldschool Death Guard models – I’ve always wanted to paint them so I think I now may have the occasion. Besides it’s also Chaos models they should meen to problems in finding new home.

There’s more news related to Ebay: last week I managed to sell Sorcerer of Nurgle but also Champion of Nurgle got the bid! So looks like I finally managed to find perfect models for my painting skills: easy and enjoyable to paint, looking effective and selling well!
I regret there’ll be no auction this time but passing week was dominated but something else than auction stuff:

Mid Nors once again!
I am happy because I managed to paint small diorama for my mysterious miniatures provider within a week. The client asked me to base colors on official paintjob. I used these tones on scourge bearer but painted it in the way I like the most – worn and dirty. Unfortunately client hoped to see minis more colorful so the sentinel is clean and shiny almost like Xmas tree.
All you have to do to see close up is clicking the picture below – hope you like it!

The last hobby news (moreover: very good news!) is I learnt my entry sent for Salty Dog painitng contest organized by No Quarter Magazine qualified and will be pronted in May issue!
I also learnt Eric, who was my contact at NQ, doesn’t work there anymore so that was the reason of no replies for materials I’ve been sending. Fortunately new guy seems to be competent so I hope out cooperation will be going smoothly.
And because I know what is theme of next painting challenge on friday night I started gathering materials and washing off minis so I can prepare something really dirty and muddy. The deadline is May 1st so I think I’ll take some days off so I can make it on time…

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