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Heya again from the mud pit!

Once again there was no need to go to Univ for the weekend so once again I had a chance to paint some stuff and this time I managed to paint 5 minis – which is quite an achievement if you ask me!

But let’s start with technical updates:
As you can see Labels are back – I decided to mark only post informing about new auctions, contest/commission pieces and tutorials: 2 are almost ready, all I have to do is choose proper pics and FINALLY add the to the blog
Another tech-update is clicking pic will make the open in new window – I was informed that will make blog more reader-friendly.

As for miniatures matter:
Passing week was very lucky for my Champion of Nurgle – he found new home and in fact it’s the same buyer who purchased Chaos Sorcerer! Minis were packed and sent to pleasant and sunny land where main meals are pizza and spaghetti 🙂
And since we’re next to shippinng stuff – the mysterious minis provider informed me he likes Mid Nor display base so it also has been shipped – I think he got it last Friday, otherwise minis will surely arrive tomorrow (I hope nothing will be damaged). As for payment I got even more Rackham models and can’t wait to paint them!
These sculpts just beg for being placed on some diorama and I’m not gonna fail them!

Speaking of new minis – last week mailman delivered Archaon model – it has already been washed off, pinned and assembled. I did some minor conversions to make it bit original and ibecause t will be painted as Lord of Nurgle. I assume there’s a very small chance to see it on Ebay next week but you never know… The base is already done so it’s a good start!

I also managed to get some old Death Guard minis – all will be turned into Chaos characters so I think there should be no problem in selling them. Everyone likes Nurgle minis after all!

The last purchase is just cherry on the top of cake:
yesterday I managed to get Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness book!

That means there’s only Lost and Damned left to make collection of my grimoires complete! Really can’t wait to get it delivered – it’s like Xmas in spring!!!

This time won’t be new auction because whole week was dominated by making contest piece for NQ painitng challenge: I started it last Friday.Saturday and yesterday the thing was assembled, varnished and ready to be photographed!
I’m still not sure about final look of the mud but let;s just hope judges will like it. Picture is clickable 🙂

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