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Hey again!

This time I managed to place my ass in front of PC yet on Sunday even though it wasn’t easy task. This week I had to go to Univ for the weekend but even though lots was going on. So let’s start the summary!

First of all – today I launched PC after 2 days of absence and what a surprise: apparently Archaon I put on Ebay last week will find new home!
I am pretty happy because of it: I purchased the model to paint it and sell but now when I look at it I think I really wouldn’t mind keeping it for myself… Oh well c’est la vie. Besides I can always try to get another model and convert it into Warhammer 40000 character which was my plan at very beginning.

There was another BIG news last week: the postman has delivered Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness I ordered some time ago!!! Until I got this grimoire I just couldn’t believe I won such precious tome on Ebay but it’s finally here!
And there was everything I hoped for: lots of oldschool (some call them damn ugly but I don’t care 😉 ) miniatures, texts about wargames but also about Warhammer rpg!
The best is the book is in such a great shape, that in not yellow hue of paper (it’s 22 yars old!) I’d say it was printed a few weeks ago. Marvellous!!! Once again thank you Mr Seller – Santa came much earlier this year! So now I only need The Lost and Damned tome to make my collection more complete.

But let’s go back on Earth for a while.
I hope you still remember I mentioned about Tale of Gamers project running on Chest of Colors forum. Well this time my painting results were not as fast as I hoped for but I still managed to finish the first member of my plague cult: still unnamed juve – hit the pic to see more views of the model. I know not all parts fit together but I really don’t fucking care: it’s fun project and I am still having great time doing the stuff.

But that’s not all!
I also managed to finish converting another members of the cult: zombified juve #2 and probably leader based on OOP plague marine. You can actually see sneaky pic of the team in early wip stage by clicking the mysterious link.
As you can see there’s one more plague marine (plasma pistol + power fist). This one will be painted for auction and I deeply hope to see it on ebay next Friday morning. I really like these oldie minis but I want to practice painting Nurgle models before I dare to paint the palaquin: yup, I also have this sweetie but it deserves only the best painjob I can provide.

Last Sunday after updating the blog I also added one more thing: the very first tutorial here – there will be more, no worries!
I want to thank all people whoe provided such a positive and creative feedback – not only here but also on other forums. Next time I’ll try to make the text even more clear and surely will take better pictures! In fact the guys from Heresy forum liked it so much that it was put on the first page of the forum! Hope the next one will appear there as well 😉

And the last thing: although I haven’t got the No Quarter magazine yet I managed to establish theme of next paining challenge with my secret and dirty ways so the conversion for the contest is nearly done. I will post a wip shot after painting basic colors – atm it’s nothing worthy photographing.

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