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So apparently history repeated itself: another week is just passing and once again I was forced to paint another ghoul from Mantic games FAST to have anything hobby-related to blog about…
What makes the story even more sad is the fact I’ve been at home almost whole week (not mentioning Friday and Saturday at univ) but until today wasn’t painting at all because of writing my thesis. The plan is to finish studies on July the 3rd…

So speaking about the weekly paintjob – as you can clearly see it’s another ghoul for Tale of Gamers. I liked previous sculpt much more but decided to pain it anyway because the mini is practicaly just flesh + some rags. Painting it took me about 4 hours once again so it can’t be spectacular but should fit well the Cult of Plague…

After playing more Fallout and killing several raiders more I decided to paint model in that fashion – I still have lots of EM4 figures from „future wars” line which will be just perfect for that. I can use new plinths for them so hopefuly whese will turn out nice. I also hope these will be nice change from GW minis – I think I painted enough of them recently so now I want to have some real fun. Maybe small delay in ToG will be good idea?

Speaking of GW stuff – last Wednesday plague marine I put on auction found new home and was sent to make Italian Corps of Rot even stronger. I still have 2 oldschool marines which were supposed to be part of my Cult but if I decide to change list of gang members I think my trusty client will rather be happy: both marines are pretty cool conversions.

What else? Last week I also put Sid Meier’s Civilization on auction and the next bidded contacted with me asking could I end the auction sooner – apparently the game is pretty rare here.
I’m pretty happy I got rid of it. It was nice thing to play but definitely prefer Fallout3 🙂

And since we’re next to F3 – last week brought me beautiful book with artworks from the game so I think the mysterious donor will get nicely painted model from me soon.. 😉

Take care and hope to have more to wrire about next Sunday!
I’ve totally forgotten! 😀
In the middle of last week I put set of evil cyborgs on auction! There are 2 reasons for this:
1. I am still working on cleaning the glass case of minis I don’t use anymore
2. More important – I wanted something to write about related to miniatures 😀
At the moment several bidders are watching these terminators so fingers crossed…

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