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Hello all!

First of all – I deeply hope wherever you live you have better weather whan it’s here. Better = less leathal.
Apparently some stupid Polish camel stepped on Gork’s (or Mork’s) foot and now we’re all punished for that by Evil Sun’s death rays!
I hope this armageddon won’t last much longer because I want to have decent weather during vacation not some fecking holocaust pouring from sky.

Anyway hot or not there was something going on in the hobby last week so it’s time to write about it so without further introduction – 'ere we go!

Once again „hobby part” the week was dominated by working on the Plinth Country site – I’ve found some mionor typing errors, 2 unused sections were removed (thanks Butch!) and also I added links section – bottom left panel. There’s even then first link added to one of friendly sides – I’m quite sure you know Voodoo – Monkeys – Team 😉
I’ll try to add more links during coming week.

Another site update I’d like to see soon is adding section with articles: in fact I’d like to move them from the blog to the Plinth Country. Unfortunately site’s engine isn’t as user friendly as I’d like it to be so it might be a serious problem. Yet I’d really like to see another tutorial posted in new place *fingers crossed*

Since we’re next to plinths – another one was used for rebasing one of minis from my glass case. I thought about it and I realised I didn’t like previous raw wood group base for Hydra Warrior so another one was rebased. You can vote for the model on CMON site and also you can see in in small plinths section of the store 😉

The last thing to write about is Chaos Lord I got on auction some time ago has been finally finished (voters -> here 😉 ). That means another large plinth got decent model. About 25 more to paint and the store should look decent. I like the model but it’s not the mini I’d like to keep in the glass case so I decided to put it on Ebay – model will get 2 bases (showcase and gaming) so I hope it will find new home within 10 days of auction lasting.

That’s it for now – the plan for the rest of a day is getting a cold beer from a fridge and start painitng Rackham troll – making it’s base will be described in a tutorial but I can’t start it until I can see whole model done.

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