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So I came back – flew a plane and even managed not to fall out! ^^
The short vacation is over so it’s time to coma back to work (ouch…) and to the hobby (yay!).
During my absence there was something going so it’s time to restart spamming!

First of all today afternoon I managed to find new home for the Chaos Lord – tomorrow the model is going to start it’s big trip over the ocean 🙂

Another thing is the Autoblinda was undercoated today morning and hope to start painting it this week just after I get proper base: I was told base will be ready about tuesday so I am keeping my fingers crossed. And since we’re next to bases matter – 4 new bases were added to the store – this time hand made of high quality ash. Square ones will be added in the middle of the week. Can’t wait to finally base the palaquin on one of these!
And there’s another spoiler – yesterday I finished taking pics for another basing article so all I have to do is edit the text and it’s ready to be posted!
Unfortunately Plinth Country text module isn’t ready so the article’s publication will probably be delayed… 🙁

But what’s the biggest news?
Of course I was in Spain (mostly in Barcelona) for the last week, I took lots of pics and here are few of them.
All in all I really like Barcelona – although almost none of people I met were speaking english people are friendly, beers are tasty and police doesn’t make any troubles. There are lots of nice narrow streets full of interesting places and locations and it’s just a pure pleasure penetrating this labyrinth. Barcelona seems to be very safe place.

Many buildings are covered by graffiti – I took pics of some of them:
This building is some sort of squat – it’s occopants did great work painting it!

This is example of international, interlanguage and intercultural signing toilet ^^
Another nice paintjob:

And more…

Here whole building’s side was covered by paintjob: it was so big I couldn’t catch whole thing on a single picture. Impressive isn’t it?

And here’s example of less impressive graffiti: apparently local idiot has problem with counting to 6 and more:

There are many cool sculptures in Barcelona – some of them give you opportunity to have some fun during break between finishing one beer and opening another:

And the last thing which will always reming me Spain: roaches – there are lots of them so if you’re roach-allergic – don’t go to Spain 😉

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