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Big stuff comin’

One week and two posts? Woo-hoo!

So first of all today I finally managed to pin probably the heaviest model I had at my place ever: Dark Legion’s mezoghoul.
It’s out of production for a long time model from Target Games. From what I managed to establish it was made in plastic at the beginning of 90’s for Siege of Citadel board game in Mutant Chronicles universe. No idea why was it casted in metal later but it doesn’t matter:
I really enjoy painting old, ugly models and I am quite sure this one is probably the ugliest of all:

Another hobby progress was applying fresh mud on display base for new Necromunda gang – based on Valhallan models this time. I think they will use Delaque rules.
Once again I used mix of shiny resin, washes and powdered chalk. Apparently this stuff makes flat surface look like chocolate cake but I think it will be turn out fine when painted models are placed where they belong.
Also I could sprinkle the same mud on the vehicle so it fits whole piece bit better. I am sure some more mud will be applied on whole painted squad.

And the last thing for this post: photo of more-less finished gang transporter.
I am still trying to find proper background for taking photos in the tent other than t-shirt but so far there’s nothing better.
More pics will be posted on my tutorials’ site soon.

Now I am off for Necromunda game to kick asses of Van Saar nerds!

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