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Double-pimped! ^^

Hey again!

So Gameforces magazine did it again:
once again my ass got pimped this time in issue #25, where my tutorial about painting bile thralls suicide squad for Cryx was printed. I remember I wrote this article at the very beginning of 2011 and it’s really hard to believe the time is running so fast.

But 2011 was (and actually still is) very busy.
There was pretty lot of work with the appraisal practice. I remember last year the professor running it told us brutal statistic: only about 10% of participants finish it more less on time (that is in about 12 – 18 months).
About 3 weeks ago I delivered my last project and it turned out I was the only one who did whole thing on time (there were 25 members of the group).
Should it be reason to cheer? Maybe.
But I’d be more happy if the state exam statistic wasn’t that horrifying: on average ~15% of people taking the exam passes is.
Sure you can try many times – as long as you can afford the fucking fees.

Nevermind – let’s go back to the hobby matter.

After whole week of gathering materials for the exam I was hoping for some painting time so I can finish the second entry for the FUUKing contest before the deadline.
On Saturday I was pretty busy so I was sure there will be me-time the next day.
After I sat down about 10 a.m. and started working on real estates law regulations it turned out I spent whole fucking day behind the papers.
I feel sick thinking coming 3,5 months will look pretty the same…
But I decided not to give up easily so in the evening I took primed scaly and airbrush set to spare room and put some basic colors on the model.
Another lesson learnt: DO NOT paint minis without proper light.
The next morning I examined the mini under fine light and it was just pale – smooth transitions between colors are barely seen so I will have to paint it ordinary way.
Here’s what I got so far – base color and some glazes. Thank Cthulhu this model is practically only flesh and some rust.

There are also some good news this time:
because the kiddo was born it turned out he will be getting some sweets and shit from my workplace every year for Xmas. This year the parcel wasn’t prepared because the money were spent about the time he was born so I was told I can buy him some toys and sweets – I will get refund after bringing the invoices.
The baby is way too small to play anything or eat anything else than my wifey’s titties so daddy decided to add some Dark Age minis to the collection hehehehe…

If you need some of this stuff visit Guild of Mecenaries online store – there’s still lots of DA mnis for very decent money.
So here’s what daddy… eee… junior got ^^
Lilith (limited model sculpted by Tom Meier), Skarrd Father, Skarrd Bone Doc and Grist from Brood range.
Really like these minis and despite nobody plays Dark Age here I hope to see a complete warband in the display case. I want to see them painted „a’la Brom” that is muted colors, lots or browns and reds – we’ll see how will it turn out eventually.

And the last thing – the second pimping that is ^^
Few days ago I learnt my Cernunnos has been added to the Brigade Models gallery section. Really hope to paint another model from their line sometimes:
fantasy is such a breath of fresh air after all those Warmachine and Necromunda minis

OK then, ’till the next time!

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