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Home found

Hey again!

Good news!
My bane thralls have finally found new home!
I am very happy they will travel to reliable hobbyist, yet I am kinda sad they won’t be staring at me from behing the glass anymore.
Oh well – that’s just life. Besides I don’t think I will play Warmachine anytime soon so I guess I can stand that loss. Photos were taken by mahon (despotic and ruthless ruler of Chest of Colors site) and surprisingly – good friend of mine =]
If you want some close ups – here you go and here you go again
One day I will have to try count how big (or actually how small now) my Cryx force really is. I am guite sure I should be able to field enough troops for a standard size game but until I do the summary – I won’t put bet on it.

As for finding new home for old stuff looks like the custom made Land Raider will also leave my place finally.
I was pretty proud of the model when I made it but all in all I don’t play WH40K at all so there is no use of it.
The next time I will build something for Necromunda so there won’t be any usefulness dilemma ^^
Here’s the beast – more of my WH40K stuff is stored at Chest of Colors gallery.

I had to cut the pic so the model can be presented at withing the screen but if you want to see some more of it – clicky!

And here’s the big box the client will recieve shortly – I am quite sure banes will have safe trip but I am very scared about land raider:
I used properly big box, put lots of bubblewrap and sponge inside but on the other hand base construction of the vehicle is cardboard. Sure it’s thick but it’s just paper.
Let’s keep the fingers crossed hard until the recipient confirms the models are safe and sound.

What else?
Since I am devoted blood donor once per 2 months I can take a day off and spend a morning with steel needle in my vein.
And since I am constantly sufering from lack of hobby time I decided to use the bloody day to prepare and assemble bunker for the 6th gaming module.
At this stage it looks kinda like piece of crap but I am sure after painting it will turn out way better.
Besides no matter how ugly / nice it is it’s main function is being useful during the game. My opponent needs some decent spot to place heavy stubber operator to defend his pathetic life against hordes of plague zombies after all hehehe…
Here’s what I got so far:

Last night we managed to play a mid-week game to test new module and see what upgrades could ba yet added before ton of sand hits the table.
The game was kinda fun: usually there are more scavvies than ordinary gangers (advantage of ~4-5 models) but this time I managed to field Karloth Valois (thanks again Skritster!!!) and also bought him extra zombie pack therefore there was 10 plague ridden corpses + 15 gangers vs 10 Goliaths!!!
I felt almost like running Imperial Guard army ^^
The mass was strong enough to make Deco decide to voluntarily run for the hills but after the game is was the time to pay for the fun: hiring Karloth costed me a lot especially compared to lousy cost of ordinary scavvy so coudn’t afford getting it in the next game. And that meant I spent ~100 credits for a single game!!! >< I surely won’t make the mistake again until scavvies discover a gold mine or something in the sump. There was no camera during the game but there was a cellphone. Really can’t wait to see the table painted.
That’s it for now.

Xmas weekend passed and I haven’t painted a single model nor played a single game so the annual hobby statistic won’t be peoperly boosted in December.
See ya next week!

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