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2011: summary

Hey again – and for the last time this year.

Today it’s the very last day of 2011 so it’s time for short summary of the hobby activities. But first some goodies:

Few days back I got ork buggy from Kromlech – I must say the casting quality is just fucking sweet. Really – I can recommend the model to anyone!
It’s so full of character it brings back old time od Gorkamorka 😀
I decided not to rush with it because the model deserves quality paintjob. I also decided to make short review + painting progress article so it should appear in Gameforces magazine sooner or later…

Guys have just posted the official paintjob yet I will do my best to beat it :p 😉

Speaking of GF – yesterday mailman delivered several issues and looks like Mario decided to use the bile thralls speedpainting text I wrote almost exactly a year back. Once again my ego got boosted big time =]

What else?
Today we had the very last Necromunda game this year and it was 34th game we played in 2011. The game was played at 7 AM so my opponent can go to New Year’s Eve party tonight.
Once again scavvies provided me ton of fun – even without terrifying presence of Karloth Valois.
Today we tested Ramshackle Games big spider as terrain feature – the casting quality is pretty poor yet the model is definitely full of character and turned out to be extremly useful: models were small enough to walk and fight under it’s limbs. Pinning it was just one big pain in the ass but pinning it ALWAYS worthy effort.
I didn’t manage to assemble it for the game (there were only main body + 4 legs) but the already finished model looks like this:

I am sure we’ll be using it in most of coming games – it will look very effective painted steel and rusted like hell.

After the game we decided to quit the current campaign (4th we played this year) and made a plan for the gaming in 2012. We decided to play only one big campaign but we will both choose 3 gangs to lead.
Every game we will be randomly choosing which gangs will fight. Deco chose Goliaths, Van Saars and Orlocks and I decided tu use Scavvies, Eschers and my EM4 proxied Goliaths.
And the dice rolls decided the very first game will be match between Scavvies and Orlocks. Really can’t wait!

Also can’t wait to to finally see the table sanded and painted so we can write a battle report. Hope to convince Deco to stay longer aftr the next game and help me in sanding the modules.

And as for the proper summary here is is:
Last year I saw Nameless counting all of minis painted in passing year and was really got hooked but such an idea. But because we also play a bit I decided to add played games to the chart.
So it looks like below: in passing year I managed to paint 36 models and play nearly the same amount of games. It was close to cross the line and play more games than painted models but maybe next year we manage to beat the score.

All in all it was very busy time. Not sure was it „good” but surely busy: there was lots of dice rolling, beer drinking and having fun but also managed to replicte and finish the appraisal practice – exams start in March 2012 and I am shitfuckingscared of it – hope I will pass it next year so I can concentrate on conquering the Underhive 😉

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