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Another piece of spam and still nothing fully painted…
I definitely overestimated amount of free time I can get for minis while writing the previous log. Anyway works on the buggy are slowly pushed forward (almost) every day so finishing it is just the matter of time.
One thing I realised for sure: painting the vehicle and making the base was just fun – really enjoyed that phase. Sadly cannot say that about slapping paint over the crew.
I don’t think it’s the matter of sculpts but… Well… Don’t really what it is:
I never had anything against orks (nor orks) so I suppose it might be color of the uniforms, amount of time I already spent on the thing combined with desire to paint sth from Necromunda range or the moon phase.
Here’s the current stage of the project. I hope to add some old snotlings to make the think more oldschool and to break the whole sand monotony.
I also have to work on taking pictures: just after I downloaded these shots from the camera I compared them with the model. Model is brighter and to achieve similar effect I am forced to add some GIMP magic. I suppose the black background might be to blame but really cannot be sure. Earlier stage:

And bit more advanced:

What else?
The table. Or maybe I should say: THE TABLE.
It’s really big (6x 24″x24″) and I managed to put together all modules on the small table we use as the base. We had an idea to play a game on this monstrocity but to do that I’ll have to rearrange (and probably get rid of some) stuff kept in the gaming bunker so we can move around the battlefield!
Also to make the table battle report – worthy it’ll be good idea to finally finish it which also means painitng.
Until now I haven’t painted anything such big and cannot afford fucking this job here – raising the project already costed too much time and effort. So the decision was made to start small research before I get any paint and apply it on the board. If you have any ideas or would like to share any experiences you have just throw a comment here or join proper threads on Chest of Colors or Frothers. Any constructive opinion will be appreciated! You will also find there bigger shots of the battlefield.

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