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Mr Smoothskin is in da house!

Last week (especially weekend) was busy: really busy.
Sadly it wasn’t hobby what was consuming most of the time but life issues. As always…
But it doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to paint something: a little bit every day and last evening another scavvy bastarrrdo was varnished and placed among the rest of zombieheads” Mr Smoothskin.
Exactly like in case of previous scavvies the pic was taken together with models painted long time ago which will surely be repainted just after I finish models already primed.
Really hope getting painted will improve Smoothskin’s combat efficiency: at this stage of campaign the only thing he managed to achieve is 18 exp points (yup – no advance yet), old battle wound and head wound. For most of the games this retard is staggering aimlessly ’cause head would causes stupidity instead of blood frenzy…
Hope you like it but even more hope I won’t get bored too soon by painting scavvies only. 

Last week it also turned out I might get the missing scavvy models for my collection: 2 scalies (which I foolishly sold when I wasn’t ready to appreciate classic line of these models) and alternative version of the boss: imo armed better than the one I use now. One of Lead Adventure Forum users has them and wants to exchange the toys for some painting services…
I also ofered him some models from the glass case but since they’re still available – I’ll probably throw them on Ebay or something. If you want any of these – just write me.

And the last thing: the game.
Friday night Goliaths were trying to ambush my opponent’s very experienced Orlocks. Too bad I totally forgot my gang’s biggest advance was the look, and not battle experience, advences or equipment…
Therefore it was pretty funny to see juves charging (actually: trying to) Deco’s veterans and falling down one by one (we were playing pitch black / ambush scenario). After 3 rounds of that comedy (after my boss fell down and spent rest of the game eating dust) the gang decided to run for the hills. The next time I’ll surely plan whole attack better – the scenario is definitelly worthy playing again!
The next game is Orlocks vs Scavies so I guess Deco will try to retake the prisoner before I turn it into gangerburgers for the team ^^
Till the next time!

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