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Ambush & rescue mission

The so-called long weekend here has finally ended: most of ppl here try to leave the city for a few days or spend time outdoors but since I become pretty bust daddy and most important – minis surely won’t paint themselves I was trying to spend as much time in the hobby room as it was possible.

Since the last dose of spam here I we managed to play 2 campaign games and also 2 more Scavvies joined the painted part of the gang.
The first battle was an ambush: my beginning (fully painted) Goliath gang was trying (not even touched by an undercoat yet fucking experienced) Orlocks. Gangers were placed and the plan was made up yet somehow I totally forgot main strength of my gang was the look and surely not battle efficiency ^^
Because of pitch black Goliath boss slipped and fall down in the very first 3 mins of the game, where he spent following rounds until got out of action which all in all made the rest of my team run for the hills.
The scenario was ton of fun anyway – it was sth new and thank to special deployment the nmatch was even more unpredictible. We definitely have to play it again shortly.

The second game was rescue mission: the same Orlocks were trying to take back a juve captured by my Scavvies in the previous encounter.
I wanted to prove my opponent painted models fight way better then his „paint virgins”. Of course my theory turned out to be just piece of crap when both of freshly painted sentries (Cayman and Bronson) got taken down. Once again – none of these died as the result of rounds suffered: maybe this piece of luck was triggered by the paintjob? ^^ As the result of the game – Orlocks didn’t manage to take down sentries quietly so shortly after the alarm was sounded Scavvies rushed back to see who was trying to steal their dinner. Because 3 of 5 Orlock raiders got hit Deco decided to leave poor juve behind not to risk getting more valuable gangers injured. Thank to this 12 of my rottenheads got human-o-burgers for the next meal.
Moreover another tasty Ganger got captured during falling back so it looks like the next game between these gangs will also be (food-) rescue mission…

As for something more tasty than no-piccies-game-summary: new gangers!
During the time spent home the painting was going so sweet I was able to finish whole ganger within a single day so below you can see Reznik (which I got with damaged arm) and Bronson (which refused to cooperate with camera). Both accompanied by the scalies painted some time ago – for the scale.
With these guys gone it looks like there are 15 more Scavvies* in queue to get whole line ready for the quality gaming – hope not to get bored with them in the middle of the job.

Till the next time!

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