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Such a treat…

So I am back from painting Warhammer Fantasy – deeply hope for a long. Not sure was it the matter of specific model I got to paint or simply painting sth else than Nurgle / plague zombie or Necromunda stuff but I had no fun with the Khorne lord. Still it turned out much better than my previous attempt to paint Herald of the Blood God some time ago. Just hope there won’t be such problems when I put the OOP juggernaut on the painting station sometimes.But for now – here’s the chaos lord: the client likes it and that’s actually the only thing I care about. This and the fact it finally left my place ^^  

Now as for the proper content of this log: a treat.
While painting the Khorne dude I was also slapping some paint on the scenic base which has been prepared earlier. All in all it turned out what took the most time was cutting the pcv sheets and assembling all parts.
Painting was pretty fast and as easy as possible. Colors were chosen to fit bases of Necromunda gangs I run, as well the terrain features: there are some bunker entrances and tons of oil drums on the gaming board. I also plan to add more posters here on on the gaming table so everything fits nicely. Of course if I can convince some of my friends to contribute photos and therefore become arch villains of the ash wastes ^^

And for the final: last night there was another gang fight in the wastes.
This time outnumbered Eschers were trying to stop nerd horde – Van Saars that is. It was the first time I fielded heavy plasma gun and it turned out nice and nasty: I only managed to take 2 shots but when the hit was scored 2 enemy gangers were put down – seriously burnt by S7 blast =D
Hope the next time the kill will be more deadly.

’Till the next time!

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