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Selling out


This time there’s nothing new painted nor sadly played but there are picures anyway. For some reasons I decided to find new home for part of my miniatures and last week Nurgle champion and my old Adeptus Arbites sentinel found new place thank to Evilbay. Really thought it will be harder for me to give sentinel away but apparently it turns out everything is easier when you get old and grumpy. Anyway here they are – hope to take new pics of these before sending them to the buyer. The gallery desperately needs an update.

What else?

I finally managed to write something for the tutorials section – really simple and fast way to build bunker display base I used for taking photos of my Scavvies.
Last week I also found some foliage I was planning to use for jungle or sth similar but the plan has never been executed. My first thought was to throw the whole shit away but then I recalled 2 locations from Fallout 3 game: Oasis and one of vaults overwhelmed by aggressive plants.
I thought such „garden of Eden” would be one solid eye cather on the desert theme table we use: it wouldn’t have to be large, just about 12″ x 12″ space surrounded by walls protecting precious plants from the deadly sun, with lots of pipes arount providing filtered ait, water and the rest of shit required to live. I still have 2 untouched boards so after the exam is passed (sic!) I’ll surely give this idea a try.
Anyway – the tut is ready so hit the pic below to be teleported. 

Anything else?

Today we had another Necromunda game: Goliaths vs Van Saars. It was new scenario (Package run) and it was THE fastest game we played ever. At least as long as I remember: whole thing took us only ~40 minutes!
It was very interesting and enjoyable experience and we definitely have to test new scenarios shortly. Important thing is I managed to rip the package off cold hands of Van Saar ganger and get some juicy tous for the boys (flak armour, screamers and grav chute). The next game drawn is Orlocks trying to rescue one of theis gangers captured by Scavvies – and do it before scalies feeding time!!!


PS. Watch out for more models for sale – lots of these are now just getting dust in the hobby case… 

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