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ombies, zombies, zombies….

Howdy ho!
Believe or not there’s more Demi spam!I myself can actually barely believe it considering pathetic small amount time I can spend on the hobby…Anyway the first thing is the fact I managed to re-take and replace pics of Barry, the bolter massacrator, which have been published in the previous post.If you remember the old pics they were really poor, if you don’t: well just consider yourself lucky guy ^^

While I was taking that photo I also managed to take some shots of latest plague zombie (which turned out to be 16th model painted in 2012 anno Cthulhi).
If you know the original model you can see this one has been slightly modified: gun holster on right hip has been replaced with water container from placcy IG model and the bone club in right hand was replaced with fuel canister.
There are 2 reasons for this:
– it’s the second same sculpt in the gang so I wanted them to differ a bit- I got it on Ebay together with some other models and apparently previous owner „borrowed” club and holster.

The pics are pretty grainy which was caused by using zoom while taking them. Next time I will try to take them from a distance – similar to the family postcard
Last Tuesday the Dremel multi-tool was delivered.
Good news is there was a promotion: I got free LEGO set so looks like my kid will get a nice present when he stops trying to eat everything he can put into his gaping mouth ^^

But there’s also bad news:
while I was getting the tool there was an information there are all drills and pieces I needed (to assemble the big models).
Unfortunately when I opened the box it turned out that was just a Dremel propaganda ><
So I had to visit local power tools dealer to get the missing part. Can you imagine this small thingy costed nearly 20% of the whole Dremel set?!?!?
It is equally fucked up to ordering single bits from Forge World…
Oh well – it’s an investment after all so now there’s not turning back.

And something funny for the end:
about last weekend I read I won WD subscription limited dwarf model on masterminis.net bloggy (thanks Zaphod!). All I had to do was adding that log to the watched list ^^
Looks like I know who will become leader of my small Mordheim warband.

That’s all for now – the next updade should appear when the big models are assembled.


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