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Better late then never

Yup, I guess that’s truth. 
Especially when it comes to posting old stuff while new minis are being painted. But first of all – little explanation for this big posting gap. Since I got involved in painting the garden gnomes… eee… Firefall mmorpg models (note: these are models, but definitely NOT miniatures) I was trying to concentrate on the job to send back the toys to client as soon as possible. I tried to avoid any distractions like painting own stuff and also decided to keep all the news on hold until the models are done. Blogging can be distractive after all.
So the first and big (double big!) news is – the gnomes have been painted!I feel embarassed it took me so much time to get them done but once again life issues have put the hobby aside. As you remember, or not, initially I got 4 models to paint but because shit got way too thick here I asked the CofC team for a little help. Moreover shortly after my desperate post Benathai agreed to take 2 of the models so my mission became possible to execute again. So here they are: I had no idea how to take fine pics, hope mahon will get any. I also have no idea how to send them safely for photo session, not mentioning 'uuuge trip over the Pond.
I’d like to say painting these learnt me something: do not take a commission if you are not sure about model’s size. I’d like to but cannot say that for sure since it was another large scale experience after painitng Mezoghoul. Both were painful…

As for something more pleasant and proper scale while I was waiting for thick layers of paint on the gnomes to dry I started painitng banners for zombie dragon display piece.Since it is oldschool project there was no other choice than using paper banners. The banners were based on ones from Orcs and Goblins armybook 5th ed. Painitng them was just fun and pretty nostalgic – I remember painitng standard bearers in old times when I used to think Warhammer Fantasy Battle is actually cool game ^^Below you can see some unused, test banners and the final versions. I am more than sure they will look much better carried by plague zombie and wight lord when the whole piece is done.

We’re talking about greenskins which leads me to little shopping did yet last year.There were some strange days on January during which I got strongly interested in playing fantasy skirmish again. That was probably caused by old farts RPG talking here…Anyway I 've always wanted to play Mordheim or Warheim (unofficial thing based on EE thing) and always wanted to lead greenskins to battle. 5th edition period sculpts are just essence of Warhammer for me.I’ve already  had several metal night goblins but to build playable and more important: nice looking warband I was in need of bit support. I decided to get some big 'uns as leaders and troll as heavy support. Evilbay is full of greenskins so I quite easily found what I wanted: the command group of 4 tough bastards. And thank to  manatic from the Frothers I got the heavy hitter, in exchange for my old Hydralisk miniature.As you can imagine just after I got the models they all ended up in string bags waiting for Tsathoggua knows what. This whole miniature buying is some fucking madness…

What else, what else…Miniature exchange of course!Once again Namaless did great job and 6th edition of the CofC community play launched. I really love these events – it is great motivator to paint something especially knowing that sooner or later you will get a model from another painter. The piece I chose for Grish (my ME victim hehehe) was one of Escher juves. The model is nice sculpt and it was also used to test hair color for my new gang and clothes colors for my buddie’s Goliaths. If you want to see more works – just visit the Chest of Colors forum.
The model is standing on one of wooden bases I still have since the Plinth Country disaster. The store’s site has finally vanished from the webspace but in exchange something else was spawned.Several posts ago I wrote about  fucked up exam I managed to pass – the site is one of consequences ^^If you ever decide to get a real estate somewhere in my region (central north Poland) it might be good idea to ask a real estate valuer for the opinion – more details available here. Sadly there’s no English version of the site.
Where were we… Ah yes, miniatures!My gallery was updated with 3 brand new photos of really fine quality. Which leads us to obvious conclusion pics weren’t taken by my (thanks mahon ^^). There are photos of old works I decided to Ebay-off (Cryx bloat trall and sea witch) but there’s also new piece: epic version of Commander Irusk, from Khador range. The client wanted me to paint the model dirty and battleworn so I hope the guy is happy with the paintjob. It was such a refresh to paint something dirty after the whole Firefall thing. Really wouldn’t mind to paint a warjack this fashion.

This year started nicely (at least: the hobby matter) because I managed to get Dieter Helsnicht model – one of models I considered very cool years back, when I was still info WFB, and which make me smile only nowdays. I remember the manticore was my very first auction purchase (LONG time ago) but it was sold without necromancer. I was trying to use it as mount for chaos lords but eventually drybrushed model ended up on the pile of shame.When I saw the rider for sth about 1,5 quid – I just couldn’t resist so the set is complete once again. I am really curious what the final effect will be – such a model can be solid choice for another oldschool display project.
And the last cool thing for this long post – Namaless was probably doing some „spring cleaning” in the hobby stuff because I got small gift from him: in the parcel there was orc – thing and old Heartbreaker models catalog. Thanks a lot man, you definitely know how to turn rotting zombie into happy rotting zombie! Homebrew is waiting for you =)

As the cherry on the cake: 2012 summary chart.I’ve been tracking down the hobby activity since 2011 and the only conclusion for nowis: it’s is getting worse.As for 2012 there are several reasons: my exam thing, moving out, garden gnomes which paralyzed November and December. But my Necromunda opponent is equaly to blame – studies he started take lots of precious time which could be used for wargaming.

 That seems to be all for now – there are materials for next post coming slowly so hope it will be launched in reasonable term.

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