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Scavvies never enough

Yo back!
Glad to be able to write something with no delay so here’s the spam:While I was painting Irusk (the client was very happy with the the paintjob) I also started converting one of  my scavvies – somehow I got this model doubled. I am not satisfied with the painted version and also think it’s quite poor sculpt (even for scavvies range) so the decision was made to modify it slightly to:1. make it finally like-able2. provide nasty heavy support to the gang

I was trying to turn scatter gun into sth more useful so I cut off the barrel and replaced it with placcy flamer bit, hung fuel container on the back made of ork shoota and voila.The head is taken from MaxMini mutations set, and the mod was replacing it’s right leg with piece of lead pipe (taken from plague zombie model). Hope to see it painted shortly!
Another Necromunda-related thing is small group of ghouls I got from Eastern Barbarian by LAF community (cheers dude!). After I proxied them in the  field I just had to add the to the force: toughness 4 combined with fear is just must have, not mentioning these are the leader’s followers therefore – these fuckers cost me not a single credit hehehehehe…
Anyway here they are – it’s probably the final version of painting.I took some photos while painting the group so there’s a chance to update the tutorial section of the blog finally.

Another reason last week was quite fine for the hobby is the postman  finally brought me Mini Exchange model – this time Lemartes painted one of eldars for me. I really like the model and it fits the display case really well.
Can’t wait for the next event – there are still members of the forum who’s paintjobs I want to see among my toys.

And finally:The goddamn gnomes were delivered successfuly to mahon and he managed to take the official pictures using the background! Yup, mahon managed to find background 'uuuge enough =DTo see the big pics you have to see Chest of Colors site but if you want bit shrinked shots – enjoy.

Till the next time!

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