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R.I.P. Aarseth

Hey again! 
This time I have some grim news to share. My scavvy boss – Aarseth…He…He… He died… Died because of stupidity!!!In the final round of game this damn moron charged Goliath ganger and totally fucked the roll: even though he was skilled melee fighter (weapon sill 5, armed with sword) AND was attacking togethr with ghoul + another scavvy…A single wound was inflicted and when it came to resolving serious injuries I rolled 11…
For the new boss I nominated Cayman (probably my favorite scavvy model) but any of my scavvies would fit the role equally bad: all are just pathetic – the gang is quite fresh, so the gangers remind more Scooby Doo team than killers from the Underhive…
Are there any good news after the game?Actually yes: the game was the test for freshly made module – the one with my rooster sheet on. New terrain piece works just fine – you can see Oswald Lee (the only ganger with autogun in my possession) trying to control battlefield from above*
Below there are some pics Deco managed to take with smartphone (I definitely overestimated that camera) – for the proper battle report I am using my gear for sure.

  Speaking of Goliaths the works on my opponent’s gang are going pretty fine and pretty fast. Again: solid planning is the key to success (fast painting that is ^^).I hope to get them prepared for another game so we can check how much better painted models fight compared to the bare metal or even worse: the damn proxies.Deco wanted them painted tabletop quality so he shouldn’t be disappointed. We agreed the color scheme: my buddy is Enforcers’ fan so the decision was made to paint them police-way: blue clothes combined with white armour plates. Steel weapons should create nice contrast. Below – the courrent stage:

And the last thing yet probably most important due the circumstances: Ebay auctions.Cryx Nightmare model found new home last night which brings a bit closer the secret project, sadly nobody wanted to adopt the Moria troll so the guy will be relisted as soon as I can find something else wortly selling.In fact anything someone would find worthy purchasing…
I think I will again give a try to something from Privateer Press range – there are some toys from painting contests getting dusted in the display case since I gave up gaming.
I will keep you updated…


*Yeah, right: like scavvie using a range weapon can control anything ^^

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