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The eagle has landed

It has finally happened: I managed to leave the rented place and moved to own piece of cave!
And exactly like I suspected before: the process was really hard and painful but I couldn’t be more happy to have it already behind. There are still several boxes of my preciousssss stuff (hobby stuff of course) waiting to be unsealed but with a bit of luck I should have the painting station fully operating by the coming weekend. Keeping fingers crossed for it!
There are still some older news which haven’t been posted becuse of the moving madness.The biggest and heaviest is the Privateer Press Galleon update. The model is nearly done but my client wants to see some tramar banners hanging here and there. I have already printed them so all I need is to adjust paper to the arms.

What else?Few weeks back I found a comment under my post about Dark Age stuff left by mr Snotling from behind Poland’s western border. All in all we decided to start a little painitng race since I am starting Skarrd faction and he’s starting another army. I chose the model to start this little project (Raze) and even started painting but then the moving happened and whole fun got fucked. 
C’est la vie. Like always.I managed to take a single work in progress shot just before packing my hobby goodies. After moving the model got bit scratched so I will repaint it for sure.
I will also try to paint it more zombie-scavvy style instead of anything based on the official Brom’s artwork. Painting all these nice and bright colors is just not my cup of tea.  

There is also small technical problem I’d like to get solved somehow – maybe some of you could help me:
Some time ago I started getting lots of shit mail on the e-mail address to which my blog was connected. I read a bit and moved whole admin powers to the other e-mail address (gmail this time). I use it for posting, commenting other blogs etc.

But the snag is I do not get any notifications about new replies under my posts anymore. I am quite sure they all go to the previous mailbox. Is there any ideas I can make notifications come to the new address? Haven’t found any button to fix it.
I’d be very grateful for any help of advice.

Till the next post – again from the new cave!

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