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Yeah, I am still at the damn excavation site trying to take back my precious stuff from the Horrible-Post-Moving-Mess-Beast. The bitch refuses any kind of cooperation but day after day, week after week some more of the things appear so I guess having my camp fully put up it’s just the matter of time.
Hopefully: you know all these pulp movies with an archeological twist – it’s always nice and easy until something get’s fucked ^^

Speaking of which:
while moving shit from bags and boxes to the new office I discovered some old CDs buried under pile of pencils and papers. Before destroying them something inside told me to check the contents which turned out to be really smart move.
Among tons of useless crap I found some really old hobby pics – according to the date these are at least 10 years old! Sadly I do not know who took the pictures (who do I owe a beer that is), I am very happy I got them.
It’s amazing a compact disk can be actually readable for so long. Verbatim FTW \o/

The first one is probably the only photo of my old Vampire counts army.
It was taken during a local Warhammer Fantasy 2250 pts tourney (one of a very few ever organized ever…) and it was the first tournament I participated in.
And the last:
I knew very well my army wasn’t assembled for power gaming and I actually didn’t care getting ass kicked but the attitude of some guys playing like it’s fight for the last glass of water in the desert was just pathetic.
Anyway the army was sold piece by piece in the following years (thanks Mahon!) and the only thing left are the pics below.

 And here it’s the photo taken just after the first have: Vampires were confronting Tomb Kings. Stupid look of my face say just everything about the result ^^

  And another pic from that day – these were Von Carsteins.I remember that day I really liked the way models were painted and converted…

 And  two more very funny photos:this time it’s part of my old Dark Legion army (good old Warzone). If I remember correctly these were painted when I was in high school and yeah, that time I was damn proud of the models. Paint from all miniatures from the photo have been removed long time ago and some of them have even been repainted. Check the gallery if you are interested.

 And the last horrible, cell phone taken photo for this log (not sure anyone can bear more than that). Shot last night – very early work in progress shot of „the rack” for game table. So far we play games on battlefield made of 2 x 2 modules but since I built 10 modules (for the variety) I thought it would be cool to be able to assemble bigger gaming space. There’s still lots of work ahead but there are many photos of different stages of this monster. When it’s done I hope to assemble it into the article or something – who knows, such stuff might turn out useful. 

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