5 sierpnia, 2021 Piotr Mikians 0 Comments

We’re having bugburger for a dinner!

This time it’s only small wip-photo.

Last night the bases (both display plinth and round 25mm gaming base) for the commissioned pathfinder were finished. I will glaze them with some natural colors and chalks when the miniature is ready, but it’s just the very final touch.
Such easy trick makes model fit it’s base much better.

Anyway the base is not only part of the current commission paintjob, but is also test piece for Battle for Hope project. As I’ve already mentioned I decided to give away Cankerworm for the event and „natural” base is one of options. You can see plinth for the Worm in the back by the way.
Another option is something (much) more rusty and corroded, which suits better both my preferences and the bonejack itself, but it’s something yet to be considered.

Hope you like it so far.

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