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Just to keep the client informed

Well this time there’s no spectacular post:the main reason is I want my client to know there is something going on with his model.And there is:
Eando Kline has already got the bases (both gaming and display) but I also managed to slap some paint on the sculpt itself. Which is quite remarkable thing because I was left with the kid for a few days. Which means no late night painting sadly…
During painting the piece one thing came to my mind: next time before painitng anything else from Reaper range I will think twice. And one time more just to be sure. These sculpts are very detailed and sadly I don’t think my paint-fu is good enough to provide proper paintjob.It might be this or fact I simply prefer other toys. Whatever. Commission is commission so the model will be done. 

Another work in progress shot is the Cankerworm for Battle for Hope December event.I’ve been assembling the base while waiting for paint on Eando to dry, so right now there’s only some sand, glue and basecoat. But as you can already see I decided to give it the base much more my style: rusty and dirty.Bright orange pigment made of powdered rust (no shit) should look really striking and imo really nice applied on dark metals of the worm. I think to make it more striking I will also enchance the OSL painted so far.
I think I should’ve asked the BfH guys weather they prefer getting gaming model or display / souvenir one. But then again it’s a charity piece so the potential owner shouldn’t mind. Hopefully ^^

Whate else?Just some random crap. For starters – my old, trusty display case has been upgraded (elevated on the drawers + inside lights added) and installed (screwed to the wall) at new place. As you can see there’s still lots of empty spaces inside – I haven’t got all the toys from the moving madness yet.The need of modifications was the safety. I saw my kiddo running around and bumping into furniture and because of the thin glass – any unfortunate accident could have very severe consequences. Both for him and for me. I think I will also change the study door lock as well – you can never be sure.

Last week we had Halloween. For me it’s still strange to see trick-or-treaters running on streets in the evening, I just do not buy it.I think the whole celebration here is failed attempt to import another opportunity to make people go to malls and buy tons of useless shit (like costumes for kids and pumpkins). But since I do not participate in the circus – it’s not my business how others spend time and what do they spend hard-earned money for.
Just before moving I got a pumpkin from my friend and frankly had no idea what to do with it – until the last Thursday. I didn’t plan eating it so decided to give a try to work on it with some knives. In fact it was my very first Halloween pumpkin ever made and as for total beginner I am quite satisfied with the result. Sadly all my efforts didn’t impress my kid (he likes it but wasn’t scared at all) so it was also the last carved pumpkin for me.

And the very, very last thing for this post.Last Thursday we finally got the opportunity to play Dark Age: Skarrd vs Forsaken led by St. Mary. The game was kind of test – sadly the first impression wasn’t anything special. I got feeling the game was simply slow (probably because I used to play lots of Warmachine earlier). But after pushing models on the table and rolling some dices I got better idea about the rules and units’ possibilities.
Right now I know we will probably give the game a chance or two before we decide about supporting it or not. I also know Skarrd Father, no matter how nasty it looks, can be torn to pieces by bunch of frenzied Strikes. And that St. Mary is one nasty, tough as nails b!atch.Hope to kick her ass shortly.

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