6 sierpnia, 2021 Piotr Mikians 0 Comments

Big bang!

Looks like the new year’s painting has started with the bang. Or even big bang! (at least on the summary chart…). By the half of the month I added 6 models to the painted side! Sure it’s nothing complicated and big but hey, it’s statistics what counts!
So what do we have here?The first piccie is group of Cryx necrosurgeon’s little helpers: stitch thralls.These little bastards were fun to paint: quick and easy job. Hope to start their boss shortly so the full unit can deliver necessary aid to any deader on the battlefield.I also tested dead flesh tone on these guys and I think something quite similar will be used on mechanithrall squad. Should look even better confronted with corroded metal.

And since were at corroded metal theme – here’s the second group of my heavy wreck markers. As you can see the original bases were cut and filed so the junk could be placed on standard 50 mm gaming bases, which I like much more than original ones.Just like painitng small wrecks there’s absolutely nothing complicated here: basecoat, some metallics, some washes, some pigments, some varnish and voila!

Next time I’ll try to bring something more game effective. 
Heil Toruk!

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