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Raining dragons!

This time it’s definitely not as big update as I’d wish but don’t think I can make it anything better, not within the month. Funny thing: when I was starting my small real estates appraisal business I was afraid there will be problem with finding clients etc.
And it was pretty hard to start. Expecting anything else would be just silly.
Now, when the thing started rolling in the more-less right direction I am spending evenings or nights doing my paper work instead of painting minis. And it pisses me a lot: minis should never stay unpainted for too long…
Anyway last night I actually managed to spend 30 mins with trusty Dremel gizmo and finally one of my favorite models ever is assembled: Egrimm van Horstmann mounted on Chaos dragon. It’s one of the models which lured me into the miniatures world and never allowed to leave it.
The model will be based on similar size plinth as the Zombie dragon but I don’t want another swamp (I will save it for something more undead…). I am considering the surface either natural (plain or some flat rocks so other model can be added) or fantasy-urban (some ruins? piece of street?) but no matter what will be chosen there’ll be Skaven running in the tunnel below, so looks like there’s lotta drilling ahead.
As for painting I’d like to keep it oldschool, vivid style. I’ve never painted anything such big with bright colors but the official paintjob looks imo great. Or something like this. So it’s my first option – orange based beast but the sorcered will be wearing dark (black) armour. Choosing dark tones is also tempting but much, much bigger challenge will be ren and orange combo.
But first something more trivial: filling lots of gaps… =/

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