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I had a dream…

…about painitng miniatures.
There were rows of painted miniatures standing proudly in my glass cases and on the gaming table. I had lots of time for painitng even more of them but suddenly something wrong happened: there were more and more minis waiting for paintjob but I had not enough time to take care all of them.

So I had to choose between minis for display case and for gaming.

But then it got even worse and I had to choose just a few models to paint. At this point I do all I can to organise myself enough to get a single model painted.
That struggle is so hard.

The nightmare continues.

So the hobby part of my life is f*%ed big time recently, I am not even trying to hide myself behind a delusion things are looking anything better. But to keep the hobby wreck still alive* I want to concentrate on something bigger, which (from the start) is planned to be a long-time project: chaos dragon.

Egrimm van Horstmann is one of my fav models ever, so I am very happy I got the sculpt in possession. I would be even more happy to see it painted one day.

At this stage the model is more-less assembled (there’re lots of gaps requiring filling though) but you can see shape of the project. At first there was only the dragon on the surface but then I thought some worshippers would also be a nice touch:
another shiny banner after all!
I could add one or two more chaos models on the base but that would look bit too crowdy imho, what do you think? On the other hand I have  3 more oldie marauders which could be used as the escort**.
As for colors I really have no idea yet:
basic plan was to paint it more-less oldschool way (like similar to „official” paintjob) but since I cannot beat that paintjob I can paint it anything I like, I respect all Chaos gods. Both known and unnamed.
So if you have any ideas for colors to use – don’t be shy, post a comment.

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