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Skaven saboteurs and more!

Easter time is finally gone so we can all come back to everyday routine.Fortunately last weekend wasn’t totally dominated by Easter crap, there was also something going on in the hobby matter. First of all my small Full Thrust fleet got painted reinforcements since the previous post:the second Ural class destroyer and Kunitsa class frigate have left the assembly line in the mother star base. I still cannot get used to painting these models but I also cannot wait to see just few more painted and photographed on black (deep space that is) backround.
I was trying to keep the same color choice, there are just minor differences: for instance while painitng the second model (flying coffin on the right) I didn’t use airbrush for base colors – it’s barely noticed and most of the paint was corrected with brush anyway. I also painted strong shadows around the windows (or lights or whatever it is) which looks very fine hovering a meter above – these are gaming models after all. I also tried to increase contrast by applying stronger highlights on reds and highlighting grey to pure white. Again – these tinies are gaming models and strong contrast is the key when it comes to painting such toys.New models were sealed only with semi-matt spray varnish but I might consider using glossy varnish first for a protection, and then matt or semi-matt varnish for a good look.

 It would be too nice and easy if I didn’t find anything to bitch about, this time it’s casting quality. All in all I am satisfied with what came from GZG. I was aware small metal models would probably require some cleaning and filing but in case of small units it was really no problem.
The problem appeared when I examined Pobyeda class battlecruiser model. Mold that cast came from was heavily used or just damaged so there is some „overcast” to be removed and probably resculpted. Which is pain in the ass because the toy is metal… I’ll take a pic when I start painting the model so you can see what do I mean. I contacted the seller and was told there will be new molds and some models will be resculpted. Hope the next time I decide to place the order I will get no reason to complain.
As for now – I think I will try to mask the screwed cast with greenstuff and paint is as some battle damage or cosmic infestation – there are alien fleets in Full Thrust after all!
Which reminds me! Last week we also had the very first Full Thrust game!It was big breath of fresh, deep space air… or vacuum. It was cool to play the game with no terrain features on the table. Rules are easy to master so I think this game has big potential. I just have to convince my opponent to purchase opposing starter fleet.

Let’s come back on Earth, to the Old World.
The base for the Chaos dragon is nearly done, at least it’s underground part: the very last of Skaven saboteurs was painted, sealed, armed, fed with drugs and launched against doom-seeking dwarf warrior.
Painting these furry bastards was ton of fun, models are full of character and painiting each one of them takes only about 2 evenings. It was so much fun I am considering (again…) starting small Mordheim warband: either Skaven or Chaos (like beastmen led by evil sorcerer). These should look pretty cool standing in sewer or dungeon themed display base. Keeping fingers crossed for it.
Pics below are way too bright but I had to point there direct light to catch any details, but I think when the project is done I’ll have to ask someone* to perform some photo-fu on these minis…

And the last for now: while I was adding the Full Thrust game to the summary chart it turned out I reached nice number of 100 models painted since the summary started.
Sure I painted much, much more minis since I got hooked (I am guessing it’s about 500 pieces but it’s just a shot sadly) but it’s nice to see my hobby thing is still rolling, sometimes slower – sometimes faster. For the next birthday I will probably wish myself reaching 200 figures painted and chart confirmed!

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