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Curse of a detective… True Detective!

I’ve been preparing this post for a while but got slightly distracted by Liebster award thingy and stupid tv. Well maybe this particular show wasn’t that stupid…About Easter weekend I met some of my old buddies and one of them mentioned something about cool HBO series with Cthulhu Mythos vibe which I might like.

It was HBO’s True detective.

Within few coming days I’ve swallowed the series (fortunately it was 8 episodes only) and because of that I dropped any painting for a while. But it was definitely worth it.
It was like breath of fresh air, it gave me some nasty ideas for Escape from Innsmouth scenario (Call of Cthulhu RPG) I am now trying to prepare and I realised not everything served by television is just stream of diarrhea.I can definitely recommend the show, not sure will the season 2 with Brad Pitt as main character be equally cool but cannot wait to see this.

Back on topic:
Shortly before getting myself within the range of True Detective’s irresistible magnetic field 4th flyer was added to my „space Ruskys” – another corvette from the starter set. Not much here to add: I painted it using the very same color choice, small differences were caused by proportions of mixed paints (never cared about writing it down) but it’s good to see some variation in the deep space.
Since we’re in the space – recently I placed another order for some more GZG stuff, my buddy wants to run his own fleet so I am keeping fingers crossed for the success of Full Thrust in the gaming cellar. I am also hoping to find replacement for miscasted part of Pobyeda battleship aaaand the carrier + some fighters inside the parcel. That should provide enough gaming material for a very long time.

Anything more? Rather!

Last week I managed to finish the marauder „bodyguards” of Egrimm van Horstmann (frankly I have no idea what would he need them for since he’s riding the badass dragon). These guys were purchased long time ago when I was into Warhammer Fantasy and until now they’ve never got any important job to do. From what I recall they were fielded as 5-men squad just so I could get them magical, shooty banner. Also remember I have never managed to paint them decently but I must say they look just fine now, as the integral part of display base. It’s a shame display base isn’t slightly larger so I could place there remaining marauders.

In the back you can also see materials for the banner: copy of oldie Chaos army book page and expanded van Horstmann’s banner pole. The standard will be pretty big with some amulets and shiny bits added. It’s Warhammer Fantasy after all – stuff must be shiny!There must be something with this whole WFB come back, recently I got several more models from those times (chaos warriors sorcerer, minotaur and mounted demonette). I think I am now trying to get models unavailable for me years back. Funny feeling.
But quite pleasant.

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