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The game table is done!

More less, but definitely much more than less finished and ready for gaming.But let’s keep that cherry for the dessert.

First thing to be mentioned in the post is Chaos dragon – project which I’ve been working on for quite a long time. Funny thing but exactly like in case of the Zombie dragon painting small models and terrain building was fun, painting the big beast is just huge pain in the ass. I have absolutely no heart for painting this dragon which is kinda sad – it’s one of my favorite EE models from the 90’s.

So far only basic flesh tones were airbrushed as well some bone pieces were basecoated – it’s going into Slaanesh style with no doubt. The beast was standing alone on work-base for some time so I decided to put in on the display plinth already: first to make it feel less sad, along and pissed and second – I was hoping this would give me hobby engine enough steam to finish painting.
I was wrong.
But since the end is so near it’s just the matter of time to see the model painted. Hope you like the work in progress picture. 

But since the last post I managed to finish something.Something rather big (compared to humans in that scale), fat and ugly. Fuckin’ ugly!Nepharite of Demnogonis from old Warzone range.
Again there’s short story related to this old junk.I got it few years back long after our Warzone gaming group fell apart but while we were still into game that model was rather hard to get for me. Despite model is damn ugly I’ve always wanted to see it in my glass case painted so here it is.

And scale shot with 3 plague zombies from Necromunda. Power of Demnogonis is so strong the Nepharite can control deaders (and 'uuuge worms) from different game systems.

As for the painting – before I examined model carefully I was suggested by official paintjob the guy wears no trousers – it’s legs were painted same color as arms, head and belly. So while I was painting and realised there should be trousers I decided not to repaint flesh tone already painted but instead added one more nasty detail of the model so there’s no doubt about the clothes.
Nor about the sex.Click  – if you dare! =P

And the last thing for now – game table.
Last weeks I was coming to the gaming spot often before starting the job and late nights to finally paint the modular monster.
The base works are finished so there are just details to be added (small terrain fearures, posters etc) but it’s already finished enough for gaming purposes.
It took quite a long time to assemble that battlefield but I took some wip photos which should be enough for separate post. I am kinda glad my short vacation is over so I will have plenty of spare time in the office to write that thing.

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