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Warzone 4.0 – test game

Hey all fans of old lead!
The holiday is finally over so I am back to the office which should provide some spare time between browsing papers for updating the bloggy.So without unnecessary babbling – here are some facts about what’s been happening recently in my hobby.
First of all is something I forgot to mention about recently (probably because I was totally overwhelmed by gaming table). Driven by nostalgy for old times, games and models I managed to get some Warzone books from Noble Knight Games store. We don’t use first edition rules but there’s lots of reference materials like photos of painted models and fluff inside. Whole thing combined with quite low price (like $4,50 for a rule book) was too mesmerising for me not to fill the e-cart.

And about week after placing the order I found set of second edition Warzone books on local auction. Once again the price was totally acceptable for me even though we’ve never played using these rules. Some really great models were released for WZ#2 so it’s great to have them gathered in one place.On my book-shelf =]

What else?
Ah yes, last Saturday there was Warzone game in the cellar!
That was pretty significant event: it was the very first game played on new modular battlefield and also the first WZ game since ages, really cannot recall when exactly we played before but I think that was somewhere about first edition era? Probably.

As for that test game – it was kinda odd. We were both looking for some fast, furious and exciting match but in the end the game was like: both sides advance, both sides cover behind terrain features, there’s a fire exchange and that’s it.
My first thought was it was just disappointing but then I thought it was just a test game, my opponent didn’t read the rulebook and most important: we both fielded forces based on cheap, large units. All models started game on plain area of the table so what else could they do instead of looking for best shooting positions possible?
I think game has the potential. Hope to discover it during the next game.

I managed to take some shots from the game – it’s nothing jaw-dropping but:
1. it’s a proof the game actually happened
2. it’s another attempt to practice taking combat pictures (all in all I am satisfied but I’d also like to give tripod a try). The next time I will try to enchance photos with some GIMP manipulation – they are a bit too dark but using flash gives even worse results.

And the very last thng for this post.After finishing the most cocky nepharite in the Mutant Chronicles universe I started digging in the lead piles looking for something suitable for painting. There were some serious candidates but the final choice was made with small help of guys from Prodos Games official Warzone forum.

The choice is Ezoghoul.
I remember when I got the model it was huge pain in the ass for me to assemble it anyhow: during those dark, medieval times my only assembling material was super glue. Correct: no hobby drill, no green stuff… Probably that was the reason the model was fielded only very few times and after one or two painting attempts it ended up in on of the junk boxes.
It’s sword arm was brokem, the back „blades” (I still have no idea what that fuck is that part) were lost so it’s furure was painted in quite dark and depressive colors.

Until I moved out.
I remember while packing junk boxes I found missing parts and since I’ve already had Dremel super-duper-drill I decided to give the pony of Algeroth a chance.
Good old metal model!
Pinning it together took me like 5 minutes only. The only additions are gun barrel (borrowed from EE melta gun) and round, 60 mm base. It’s mostly for gaming purposes but also I might add some other human size model on it when the paintjob is done. There’s lots of deaders staggering around my place aimlessly so they should appreciate company of big comrade.

As for the dude on the left it’s also one of the old farts I’d like to see painted in the display case some day: Cybertronic’s Eradicator Deathdroid (yup, also old Warzone range). The model has just been stored in the box for a long time but I finally decided to assemble it – aparently it takes benefit from good mood caused by recent Warzone match.
It’s a second hand mini therefore it’s slightly not complete: it had no right arm. I got this piece re-casted but I don’t like it too much so I think I will use some placcy parts and add heavy machine gun instead of the flamer.

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