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Warzone Ezoghoul and some other oldies

So once again I’ve been dealing with piece of old Warzone history – the younger brother of Mezoghoul (still haven’t figured out what was the point of producing such a huge model in metal, check it’s base for the scale!).

Anyway I remember I got the model for 35,00 zł which is now ~$11, have no idea what was relation between polish and american currencies in late 90s’ though. It really wasn’t big price for such a large model.

I also remember my Ezoghoul hasn’t seen many battles – the reason was I had terrible problems with assembling it (no driller, no greenstuff…) and also this unit was just medicore in combat: easy to hit from almost any place on battlefield but offering not much in return.
As it’s easy to notice the sculpt is not exactly Rackham standard but tastes differ and mine seems to differ a lot from most painters I know.

I really had a dillema what paints I want to see slapped on model.
Haven’t seen any Ezoghoul painted cool enough to make the choice for me so decision was made to use idea from the official artwork: olive-like flesh and brighter exoskeleton / armour / whatever it is. Some green tones were added to bone color to keep it coherent with flesh but I also might paint it just rotten. I want to see some brighter elements on the flesh – the olive is bit too dark for me and also want add red glaze so the flesh welds nicely with muscle tissue on the belly. At this moment red tone can be barely noticed.

For the base I used 60 mm placcy one from EE dreadnought – it’s already slightly elevated and makes the figure much more stable: it’s gaming model so I don’t want to risk it falling down every time shit hits the fan in the heat of battle. Since there’s still plenty room on the base I think I might place there spare necromutant or zombie solider: it will show true scale of the beast and besides it’s another good reason to finally paint some old lead soliders.

Here’s the wip shot of the pony…

And here’s the same pony but in bit more advanced stage:

But there’s more!
About week ago postman delivered small parcel from Holland. Inside the box there were some models traded for painted Supreme Necromagus from my collection:

The story behind it started few weeks earlier:
I mentioned on official Prodos’ Warzone forum I’d like to trade some of my painted models for missing toys and Malebolgia replied. You might know the guy from Frothers or Lead Adventure Forum (whole that so-called web world seems to be smaller than I used to think).
I was offered some oldie models to choose from so in the end I got these:

I chose some missing sculpts from Warzone range (still looking for Immaculate furies variants btw) and also some pretty interesting sculpts from other manufacturers. And since we’re at interesting miniatures theme – recently postman delivered small parcel from Germany: this time there was copy of wicked moon plaque + 2 small models from Hamburger Tactica event. All sculpted by Vikotnik, really cool person I met on Lead Adventure Forum. If you don’t know him by the name you might know him by his works: Shadow of the vampire and just amazing monochrome Nosferatu gaming board.

The vampire and moon-head fella came as the bonus, what I found really useful is the plaque. Some time ago (like year ago?) I was trying to assemble small Mordheim based greenskins band. I don’t play the game but painting themed stuff is more fun than just random models for display base and besides – Warhammer 5th ed gobbos are just fucking cool 🙂
I only managed to paint 2 models of the chosen 9-10, that’s all I had the steam for. But now I think I can come back to the band by building display plinth for them – big moon on dark background should be quite eyecatching piece in the glass case.

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