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Warzone Ezoghoul finished

Hey again,
Not much surprise this time – the title has spoiled content of the post: old Warzone Ezoghoul has been marked as painted and placed into the glass case among other Dark Legion’s slaves. It’s great to see this ugly bastard finished at last!
But first I’d like to share little (and ~18 years old) surprise I got last afternoon.Old buddy of mine came back from the wedding travel just like 2-3 days ago and dropped in my place with something to take the curse* off the gaming table. At least that’s what he texted me. He appeared with Angel of Death model – open top Brotherhood vehicle.

I never was the fan of the model, probably because I was Dark Legion player only (despite the fact I have still unpainted army of Brotherhood). But when I opened the box, put the clumsy pieces together I changed my mind: this thing kinda sums up style of most early Warzone sculpts. It fits really well junk I’ve been painting recently and should look fucking fine on the battlefield if painted in original colors. 
So here it is, another piece of wargaming history. Should probably be stored in some sort of museum, but it found new home among other old timers in my collection.

Now we’re getting on the topic!Painting Ezoghoul also created the occasion to finish some undead legionnaires. These guys were quite unique: they were released in 1999 while original legionnaires are from 1996, they seem to be better sculpted and Cthulhu knows why – there were only 3 models in blister instead of 4 as usually. I’d prefer to see them standing on separate bases but in the end the decision was made to base them together with pony of Algeroth:I painted them with bright tones (contrasting nicely with Ezoghoul) and besides they are slightly smaller than other deaders so Ezoghoul looks even bigger.
Nice and pleasant work: these two is just some flesh and a gun, so finishing each of corpses takes ~2 easy evenings, with a cold beer in the True Detective in the back (got to find myself other series to play during painting, any suggestions? Sth creepy? Dark future?)

And here’s mister superstar.If I haven’t mentioned it before: I am very glad to see it painted after the thing was saved from the junk-tomb. It’s a bloody miracle during years of hibernation and 3 movings no parts are missing and the only damage is the barrel (I screwed it with my unskilled, early drilling and therefore replaced with placcy meltagun’s) and sword’s crossguard.
I was trying to paint it similar to original artwork – with natural colors (if we can say anything in this monster is natural). After taking the pics I can clearly see the highlights should be much stronger – it’s necessary if you use heavy supermatt varnish. But I like the final effect a lot – hightlighted properly or not and not going to change it.
On first pics the beast is standing alone but later you can see it with undead handlers / pooptakers (Algeroth likes to have his grass clean). We have planned the game for tomorrow night so we will see if Ezoghoul is anything more than just bullet magnet 🙂

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