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Demons to some, angels to others.

 Hey again, 
I didn’t expect to paint as much this month (yeah, yeah… 4 models is pretty much paintjob for some) but apparently miracles happen sometimes. Not mentioning I had not much appraisal work in November.
Anyway I didn’t plan to paint anything particular after the griffon so I simply chose oldie metal EE ghoul. I was supposed to be painted a’la feral ghoul from Fallout 3 – reddish, radiation burnt and pain in the ass. I liked the effect so another one got some paint slapped on so I could add them to the Scavvy gang. So there were 2 slaves but no master. Luckly there was metal haemonculus model from dark eldars which was just perfect candidate for such a role (strongly inspired by Hellraiser movie series if just not a rip off – which would be quite funny in case of GW).
I must admit that sculpt was so underrated it took several years for me to even try to paint it. Whoever was the sculptor (any ideas please?) he did marvellous job: the piece is just packed with spicy details and with the alien head it’s just perfect for badass character. I am considering repainting other ghouls I have to fit those below so I can have alternative boss for the gang and some close combat scavvies (who need a gunner with BS2 while I can get 2 melee cockers instead, right?).
I remember there was a plan few years back to build Slaanesh cultist band using some Warhammer models I liked (among them ghouls and haemonculus) but all in all they ended up in the string bag. There are still ork based mutants and a daemonette or two (ugly ones with overgrown claws) which might be converted and painted when I find any use for them in Underhive / Ash wastes conflict.
So hope you like this small addition to the still growing gang of the worst you can meet in the Underhive. I have no idea what will be the next one but I think something from oldie Warzone or Necromunda range is the most certain candidate – we’re having the game tomorrow. Speaking of which – we got another gamer!
Hell yeah!!! 
So there are 3 of us for gaming now! All those years have finally paid off! Not sure is that a reason to laugh or cry though…

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