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Karloth Valois has came back!

„The Redemptionists searched the Abyss for weeks looking for any evidence of Karloth’s remains but found nothing. But, as every Underhiver knows, nothing can be found in the Abyss which does not wish to be found…”
That’s right:  the anti – pope of the Underhive has emerged from the Abyss where he was thrown by those which – burning bastards so the time of revenge is close!He is mean, bad and ugly which will make the vengeance even more devastating!
Especially because monsieur Valois is not very happy about paintjob recieved (fastidious bitch… ><). But he’s at least a bit right – I am also not sure I like the final effect. It’s the second or third attempt to paint the piece but it stays as it is.The idea was to give him nice and fancy ritual robe so every Scavvy knows who’s the big boss but I’ve always had problems with painting decent purple. Maybe adding stronger red hue would be good idea?Too bad – wanted to use purple theme for my Redemptionists but I think I’ll stick to bone white as the main color. At least it will contrast nicely with guns and other shit those holy drugs driven maniacs bring for the crusade. I can smell flesh burning…

Anything more to write about the model?
Not much apart from the fact I am very happy another Scavvy left gloomy dimension ov ye unpainted pile. Although the final effect is far from my expectations working on this beautiful sculpt was just a pleasure. I didn’t have better idea for creating bigger contrast that’s why the staff was painted the way you can see. Distracts attention from flat purple.

But there’s more!
Another scavvy!
This cocker was painted just before Karloth Valois and it was the last spare plague zombie I had. Since I cannot field more than 6 zombies all doubled models were used in other projects (like Zombie Dragon base or this standard bearer painted for Vikotnik). 
As for this one – after the last game during which my Scavvies were torn to pieces* by pit slaves gang and their fucking buzz blades and shears I decided I need a melee monster to respond to the slaves where it hurts the most! Yeah… I bet fresh scavvy wielding close combat weapons can make the difference…
The conversion was quick and easy, which is something I like the most: the bone was replaced with chainsword, backpack was added and as a bonus: crux something from terminators sprue put on the chest. I regret I didn’t replace the head but I thought about this just after sword was added – there was not much space to perform operation without risk of damaging the sword.
This guy might be cool to use in the field: it could storm enemy ranks together with plague zombies flock supporting them with:1. superior weapon skill2. superior weapon3. grenade!
So without further introduction… Here’s monsieur Karloth Valois and his trusty berserk – servant: Barracuda**:

*one of scalies got missing after the bloodbath so there’s recon & rescue missiion ahead** that’s right, every member of my gangs has the name

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