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OOP plague marine, Necromunda and bit more just before xmas!

That’s quite unexpected for me but it turns out I managed put some more models on The Painted Side! Looks like coming annual summary chart won’t look as crappy as I was thinking.
So what’s this time?First: pit slave model. My opponent runs the gang based on cephalyx slaves models so I got some spare parts, built another ganger, did some paint slapping and another guy is ready to join the ranks of Underhive gladiators.These fuckers are just pain in the ass to confront in close combat, huge pain in rottin’ scavvy ass! Especially when you realize a single successful hit with shears can instantly kill your beloved models, no roll for serious injury!!! ><

Painting this one was nice change after zombies and chaos stuff. It took me about 2 late evenings but I like the result. My opponent should too – especially it’s the only painted model in his war party…
As for conversion the only modification here was head swap and adding axe. I know pit slaves can apply same amount of damage with bare fists but I decided the gang begs for bit of variety: cannot stand 10 unpainted models looking more less the same charging scavvy – lines. Shooting them is just like doing them a favour.

These PP guys are slightly bigger than original Necromunda minis which I found a problem first (pic below – guy compared to swarming plague zombies). But when I saw how easily they can run through flesh and bones with buzz saws, drills, shears and everything else then managed to get in Obi I found the idea of overgrown, steroid – driven gladiators quite acceptacle.

Which reminds me – last weekend Aarseth* managed to lead successful rescue mission so the captured scaly came back to the team. Such a loss would be very severe: that fella got nice a advance skill but also costed quite a lot of credits and as we all know – scavvies usually are just beggars.

There is something more painted, something I wanted to see done for a long time and something I am quite proud of: classic plague marine.
When I got the miniature there was a plan to build small chaos warband, more 40k than Necomunda but still something skirmish-like. I got some parts, did some conversions but all in all all parts were sealed in the box and put away for a long time.

No idea why really…
Last week the seal was broken, model was cleaned and about 3 evenings later was placed in the display case among Heresy blights. Me happy.
It the first true plague marine I painted evah, sure – I painted some placcy marines back days but let’s be frank about it: only metal counts. As you can see the model was slightly converted so it fits Necromunda better. I really like the idea of Plague Cleansers: corrupted outcasts / cultists supported by some daemons. This should be very powerful NPC group to encounter during the campaign.

Color scheme is nothing original – initially I wanted to paint it with more striking tones (like bone white armour, blackish or striking orange corroded metal parts) but all in all classic color choice won the casting. The next one will be painted probably similar way, I might increase the contrast and test some oxidation though.
I tried to paint some texture on flat areas of the armour but since the pics are bit overburnt it’s barely seen now. Lesson learnt: more contrast on this part next time.

You saw the nice pics so now something extra:my painting desk with some canidates for getting painted – hope to see 2 more finished this month.On the left – lovely mutie raider from Gorkamorka. I really regret I never had a chance to play the game of get some more models (which reminds me – let me know if you have some spare / unused GM stuff). These fellas fit our ash-wastes-munda perfectly so I hope to add NPC characters to make campaign even more deadly and enjoyable.
2 guys on the right are plague marine buddies of the painted one: another original oop model (once again – if you have some unused oldie plague marines, you know what to do) and converted one. Don’t remember the idea standing behind the conversion but it’s based on ork body, terminator gear and some junk. I like it much less that back days so lets hope the paintjob can save it.

The last piece for today: skeleton standard bearer.I wouldn’t think about bringing the piece on the desk without Rob Hawkins bloggy. The guy did just excellent job on converting bowmen using old metal models so after I read it I realised there was one heavily mutilated skeleton model in the junk box so the decision was made to make it get up from the hobby grave.There were no arms and legs so I added placcy legs from skeleton box, old metal arm from skeleton standard bearer (yes kids, in the old days there metal bits added for command group in box of placcy soliders). Remaining parts are: chain, oldie spear and chaos marauder weapons. You can even see wip stage of banner on the right.

I don’t think painting this deader will take much time or effort but it should be fun – Undead was my first true Warhammer Fantasy army. I would like to see unit of skellies in the display case one day – too bad I have no gaming use for them.

That’s it for now, take care and try to not to step on tox bomb jar!

* da boss of my Scavvies

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