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Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts!

Ia! Ia! Ia! Nurgle fhtagn!
Ekhm… Sorry… Well I don’t think I can keep the secret anymore: this time it’s about Nurgle once again. But not only about it. So let’s start with the other thing, which is bunch of very cool sculpts from West Wind miniatures.
I got those several years ago, those times I still had enough time for Call of Cthulhu (well at least in theory: during studies my players used to spend most of spare time drinking, and I was way too stoned to do anything productive), so my idea was to add some miniatures to RPG sessions. West Wind sells lots of models perfect for CoC 1920s, I remember it was very hard to resist getting much more of them, so all in all I got dozen or so minis.

Those below are from „evil cultists” set + a detective from other blister. They were painted and based to fit a scenario I was preparing. It’s just sad but the only thing left from big game plans was this mini-drioama. Since that time models were locked in the glass case, getting dust and nothing more. I was sure models were very sad to be hibernated for Nurgle knows how long, so last week I decided to find them new home.
It was a success thank to Lead Adventures Forum – absolutely the very best place for such type of toys. Just like 3 days after advert was placed it turned out models will have to cross and ocean (very cthulhish) and get to the land of OZ. Deeply hope the buyer will like them and of course – that models will like the new master.

I think I will be selling some other spare and unused models shortly so if you are interested in some painted goodies – stay tuned. And in the meantime…   

Rot time!Since the last post I got seriously hooked by paining Nurgle stuff, I think when it’s done coming back to Necromunda will be pure pleasure. This time my chaos patrol has been supported by 2 more daemons: additional Heresy blight and oldie plaguebearer – I got this one slightly damaged so the upper arm has beed re-pinned and the plague blade was replaced with placcy cleaver.

I gave a try to some brighter flesh tones – my 3 years old kid suggested I should paint the last one black. I must say that is actually a challenge but the final effect may be worth whole effort.I am pretty happy of the blight’s final look (will probably add some darklining around guts to separate it stronger from the flesh) but screwed a bit highlighting on plaguebearer.

It’s actually not about painting which was acceptable until the varnish dried. Revell varnish. Revell super matt varnish which always reminds you to paint  strong highlights before sealing your models. I forgot about it so my glazing work was mostly wiped off.
Oh, well, shit happens in toy soliders business. I am leavining this rotting cyclops as it is so it reminds be about perils of the sealing phase.

Fhtagn once again!

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