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Couple of wips

Hey again,
This time it’ssomething slightly different: wip only post.
I would like to focus painting on these so I can see at least one group finished by the end of the year. It’s no painting masterplan, schedule or anything similar for sure: every time I try to organize a bit long term painting nothing works.

So what do we have here?
First: slowly growing Nurgle combat patrol. All models I am going to use are here, except for the last blight. You can see 2 models placed on square bases: they were painted some time ago when I was still hoping for a Mordheim game.
I think I will put these two on round bases and add some sci-fi gear to make them fit better Necromunda, like chainsword for daemon and some grenades for warrior.

Another thing to consider is choosing the pet for gang leader: the candidates are oldie beast of nurgle (right) and metal chaos spawn (back).I want place whole group on the display base so there’ll be not enough space for both monsters. The spawn looks better but it has no right arm so I’d have to re-sculpt missing muscle tissue. We’ll see.

Now it’s time for some sweet stench of burnt heretics!!!
Oh yeah, I’ve always had warm heart for these frenzied maniacs but hey, how can you resist hoods, chainsaws and gasoline?

Scavvies are more-less finished so I can give a try to these fellas. So far I painted like 3 test Redemptionists but none of them was something worthy keeping. The latest plan is to paint them as Cult Of Purple Hand (you know, The Enemy Within WFRP scenario):
white / bone rags and purple hoods. Rather striking color combo, huh?  

And the last group of old minis: greenskins Mordheim (yeah, right…) band.
Few years back my buddy phoned and said: I am cleaning my old hobby shit, if you don’t want what’s left from my old orcs and gobbos army – I am throwing them away.

Shortly after several dozens or minis (mostly one pose orcs and goblins) were added to the unpainted pile. I’ve always loved goblins army: funny rules, cool fluff and fucking sweet sculpts (around Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition that is). As mentioned earlier – don’t think I will ever play Mordheim but these models are way too cool just to rest in stringbags so decision was made to choose several representatives of greenskin races and here;s the mob.

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