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Fever, flames and hell… And zombie bust for sale!

I can smell the flesh burning… Oh yeah, there’s nothing like a witch-burger with spicy napalm sauce. Emperor’s own!
I took a break from painting chaos to work on little something from the exact opposite side of the barricade: Redemptionists.It was good idea to take a breath of fresh air. Fresh fumes of burning gasoline actually. Still – I am quite satisfied about the first set of painted members of the crusade against The Filth.
At this point I’d like to thank to Ana (Chest of Colors) and Simon (Stone cold lead) for color choice assistance. It’s probably the first time I was trying to paint something purple and it turned out unexpectedly fine. If anyone is interested the recipe is really simple:
– bright grey undercoat
– hexed lichen base color- hexed lichen + warlord purple highlight
– hexed lichen + warlord purple highlight + polished bone
– some final highlights with polished bone
– purple wash

Have to practice it more – I want to see much stronger contrast so each and every heretic on the battlefield can see fury of the Emperor advancing.
I am bit disappointed how the white turned out – no idea why camera didn’t catch lots of shades so I think I should either paint them stronger or add another hue (blue?). Don’t want to screw it – the crusade must remain pure to deal with heretic scums big style.
So below – 3 amigos from new gang: Serap, Crowley and Bergstrom and on the next pic – all current gang members.

Another news – recently the decision was made to get rid some unused stuff from the shelf, 2 posts back I found new home for some West Wind minis, last weekend chaos knight found the owner so there’s only zombie bust left before I choose the next group to send away.
If you think you can find the model useful and would like to adopt it – send the email, comment or whatever. I am sure we can get the agreement.

And for good start of new week – Redemptionists lullaby. Stay away from heretics and depravation, some more flamers will be painted shortly!!!

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