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Damned company of the Old Skull

Hey again,

After dealing with the Lich Lord I’ve been still thirsty for dead flesh so last weeks were used for painting first deaders from the coming undead company. Yeah, the shambling army of the dead is coming! Well, more „company” than „army”.

The general idea of it was spawned long time ago (probably it was always in the back of my head) but until now I neither had time or will to plan everything, get necessary models and of course – start painting them. So here’s  the overall shape of the army I’d like to see collected and painted. Yet in this life that is:
Lich on chariot (painted!)Necromancer on manticore (yeah, the friggin ugly one – Dieter H.)5x cavalry led by a vampire30x zombie led by a vampire (8 deaders painted)30x skeleton led by a vampire20x skeleton archers (maybe less, these are just pathetic in combat)15x ghoul10x mummy8x wraith4x carrion2x skull catapult5x ogres (that’s right, they are scum of the Old World and never care why gold that nice old wizard gives is soil dirty, and smells kinda funny).

I’d also like to see zombie dragon (the previous one is only display piece) but I am not sure I have enough power to paint the same piece. Zacharias’ mount is pretty cool but I’ll see if there’s any other option with oldschool vibe.

Pictures time.
Below is the result of last month’s night work. At first I thought I had only 2 or 3 zombie models but after closer examination of the lead pile some more were found. As you can see these come from different manufacturers but it’s ok – I like all of these sculpts (especially love the swordsman – no idea what’s the brand but I hope to find more where it came from). Painting was fun. Painting deaders is always fun but this time I also tried to test some unused colors for zombie flesh. Next one coming should be oldie vampire and then – early 80’s zombies I got from old buddy. Hope you like it.

As for the bad news for me – there’re still 22 models still to be collected and painted to complete the first core unit of the company. Quite a lot of work ahead…

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