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Back to (old)school: praise Mark Copplestone!

Hey again, 
It’s just quick update today but this time I just cannot wait for more stuff painted.I needed a change from painting oldhammer fantasy stuff so recently I managed to finish one of my oldie EM4 scavengers (thanks Doug!). And as the title says:


Seriosly, I have no idea how could I forget those sculpts are so f*ckin’ cool!
Ton of character and packed with juicy details!  Satan, please forgive me I am such a lousy painter and cannot give Copplestone’s models paintjob the deserve.


That’s what I needed… Thank you, pain…

The guy below will be the leader of new Necromunda gang – probably Scavvies (duh!), but it’s also proper material for Orlocks. It would be nice change to finally run „normal” gang. When I started painting it was just another model but every hour spent on work was revealing new details which made painting process pure fun. And that is actually what I love about this hobby – painting with no rush, working on characterful sculpts, on models telling some story, having fun.

There are 8 more vile scums from EM4’s Scavengers line which will join the gang shortly. But now – meet mr Bishop:

Below is group pic of gang members – whole EM4’s scavengers set.3 guys on the right were painted ling time ago and will be washed and redone. If you’d like to exchange them for unpainted stuff – drop me a PM or a comment.
Really cannot wait to see them finished.

And now something completly different:Last week there was a small ceremony in the local city hall. There was local press and tv (no CNN, BBC or even Aljazeera sadly) and the reason was ~70th anniversary of rise of polish blood donors association. Because of this some donors got awards, among them me: Honored for Nations’s Health (I think the translation is screwed) – anyway that is for donating over 20l blood.
Just look at me, second from the left, wearing absolutely the very best smile available in my armoury. You are lucky you haven’t seen my sad or pissed face. If anyone cares – here’s the link to full article, it’s only in Polish to you’ve just been warned. But seriously – donating blood is fun, costs not much effort and you can save somebody’s life.So try to master you fear of thick needles and sexy nurses and join the blood bags club: in a time you will get internet fame, the badge and happy face.
The blood donor badge is absolute chick magnet…

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