6 sierpnia, 2021 Piotr Mikians 0 Comments

…and definitely the very last thing this year: summary (I didn’t want to throw this trash into the Chimera tutotial – those creatures are natural loners).
The passing year was slightly better (we’re talking only about hobby that is) than 2014:
in 2014 I managed to paint 43 minis and play 17 games while in 2015 there was 53 models and 20 matches.Looks that’s max I can get now.

I am pretty happy I painted some oldie Warzone models and came back to painting brill EM4 stuff. I am also glad for selling some unused minis – I would probably never paint them anyway. There are no big goals for the next year, there are some models I’d like to see finished but hobby should be fun, no reason for deadlines, goals, strict planning and whole the shit from the real life.
Have happy life in the coming 2016 and the following years, hope every choice you make will be the right one, don’t ask questions if you don’t want to hear the answers.And remember – money is not the most important thing is life.
The more I think the more I am sure it’s just source of most problems in this shithole world.We’re only swirling ashes after all.

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