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Sherman M4 + Warzone + terrain building

It’s still summer so as mentioned previously and farther back – there’s more oldie Warzone stuff served but not only! In fact there are some pretty new bits (at least for me) so with no further babbling here’re the toys.

For starters – Ilian’s High Templar.
This particular model was purchased second hand early this year or about last winter, but the sculpt has special place in the history of my hobby:
this was the very first model I saw in the flash back in 1996 in the local book store. I still remember the moment when I saw it, my first thought was something like:
„Woooah! That’s fucking amazing! How can anyone paint such tiny thing?”

The second thought was:
„What??? 6 zł?!? (*back then it was $2,15) Who’d ever pay so much for a toy solider???”

A month or so later I got my answer for questions above…
After all those years I still like the piece – it’s nothing fancy but just cool. And it made my blood coursing faster while painting so apparently Warzone stuff is good for health. Apparently.

Color scheme was based on „official” colors spotted in Mutant Chronicles zine and I like the final result. I am bit disappointed about the red eyes and „vents” – was hoping to achieve more glowy effect, but all in all I can live with that. There are still 6 or 7 more old templars in the lead pile – too bad there were only 2 sculpts available. So, here it is:

The next thing is something I haven’t done for a long time: terrain piece.I always liked trees made basaically of twisted wire and sponge so finally decided to give it a try. What I achieved is definitely test piece – tho the result is far from what I was expecting I think I learnt quite a lot about: twisting trunks, applying foliage, composing whole thing.

Next ones will surely look better: I am going to make my own sponge-foliage and built more european looking trees. These two look like taken from some sort of tropical garden at best.
But still they are fine for gaming purposes: there’s clear line of „wood” and I can easily place there even tank size model. What I actually did on the top photo.

For leaves I used 5 different color sponge sets, that’s the reason from above the terrain looks like puddle of puke but still – that’s great cover agains aerial attacks ^^

And the cherry on the top of the cake: Sherman M4 tank!
I wanted to paint something from Bolt Action range for a long, long time and I must admint I had lots of fun working on this one. I tried not to get carried away with weathering (like on this one) so model turned out pretty „fresh”.
For my standards that is…
The plan was to paint it close to official paintjob but it turned out the only olive tone which didn’t dry totally was yellow olive from Vallejo Game Color range so it was base color. I realised adding some browns or greys I can nicely modify base color and the result is just nice. I like this toy.
Deeply hope to paint another model from US army range when I am back home next week – those half tracks have always been tempting me. And with 2 vehicles painted I’ll have to add some G.I.’s to assemble basic fighting Bolt Action fighting force!
Hope you like my new wheels.
Seeya next weekend!

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