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Warzone Biogiant + US paratroopers

Hey again,

It’s been a while since the last post but this time I had serious reason: since February I’ve been preparing for the exam which was last on Saturday 24.09.2016 – and I passed it!!!
I still cannot believe my head can be used for anything more than wearing bike helmet. And hair.Lots of minis wanted me to slap some paint on them this year so since there’s bit spare time I’ll try to make my pile ov shame bit lighter. So for starters 3 models which I’ve been woring on since the last spamming.

First one is huge and totally useless support for my Dark Legion army:
Algeroth’s very own biogiant.
During golden age of Warzone I didn’t like this model enough to purchase it. Frankly – don’t think many gamers did. But I got it recently from friend who is running Mishima and this big guy was part of some large bundle of second hand model. Or something. Important thing is biogiant was no use for him.

Model came painted but required new colors. I am far from praising my paintjob, but original colors were basecoat at best. Most of spikes were missing too so I had to sculpt some.
I was trying to keep close to the artwork so there’s dark armour and clothes contrasting with pale flesh (also now I see more necrotic tone whould be better).
Even though painting is simple this model took lots of time and effort – like some fucking energetic vampire. Which makes me even more happy to see it away from painting station.

As for testing new things I was trying to add static grass with an applicator. Results are not as spectacular as doing it on flat sheet of pcv but I still might use if for basing my Bolt Action troopers.

Too bad fielding this piece is just waste of points:
it’s so huge it can be targeted from almost any point of battlefield and for that cost I can get a nepharite pimped with necrobionics and some spells. Oh well. So – the piccies:

And the scale shot for those unfamiliar to old Warzone range:

I wrote there are 3 new models. Lucky for me remaining ones were not as time, paint and life force consuming: Bolt Action US paratrooper.
These two are my very first painted infantry models from BA. My first impression about sculpts wasn’t too optimistic, but all in all I must admit these models definitely have some charm and character.And they keep the scale to the vehicles!
Color scheme was based on what I saw on the box, but I do not care much about recreating original uniforms, weather they were carrying olive backpacks and black helmets or not. I like them as they are so hope to finish rest of the squad similar way. Hope you like them: 

And one more scale shot. My invading force is growing like well fed yeast!
(Which reminds me – there’s new photo album dedicated to Bolt Action miniatures – check the right panel).

That’s it for now.
There’s lots of minis I’d love to see painted fast but after hard struggle with biogiant – cannot decide which will be first. I should probably make some poll about it.

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