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Warzone Necromutants


Summer’s gone and I am still painting Warzone stuff.
It’s slightly against the established practice but I am still waiting for some stuff for Bolt Action (Artizan’s infantry) and painting oldie Warzone models is quick, easy and pleasant. It’s also kinda rewarding:
– for my army because it’s now bit less unpainted,
– for the sculptor – not many models from the golden age of Warzone is being painted nowdays (sadly),
– and of course – for models themselves: show them bit care and attention and you can almost see smile on that stupid faces. Almost. Because servants of Dark Apostles are badass evildoers who never smile (malicious grining doesn’t count).

Anyway after dealing with biogiant I wanted to prepare my force for coming game.
I’ve always liked necromutants: fluff is ok, official artwork is just sweet (Paul Bonner, right?) and sculpts are quite funny. I got squad of those at very early stage of my hobby and only once got them all painted – 4 models at that time.
Recently I got missing models from the old line (including centurions and flamer operators) and thought it would be nice to see them all finished at same standard. Too bad no matter how much heart I have the them it’s nothing but medicore (at best) infantry. Still –  in the field I prefer to see swarm of those instead of that slobbering and babbling idiot – biogiant.

As menioned above painting is easy – sculpts are not very demanding, finishing a single piece for gaming standard takes like 3 easy evenings and they are good material to test some painting solutions and color combos.
The idea is to give them all desert camo (fitting the game table) contrasting against dark metal parts and necrotic flesh.
That’s it. And below – the first set of Algeroth’s stormtroopers: 

Still some necro-monkeys waiting for paintjob:

 And something quite different – Mishima’s Amaterasu.
The model was painted for friend and I got only general instruction about colors to be used (personally the only green color I tolerate is rotting or mutated tissue).

The model comes from the second edition of the game (probably) – it was new quality of sculpts. New models were better detailed, more proportional, much more eyecatching.
And it was not much something that dragged me into the hobby back days. I don’t know why, but I had more fun painting the oldie samurai (who obviously turned to the dark side) than new fashion piece.
Hope you like her anyway – apparently Ms Amaterasu is going to prepare 3 necro-steaks in about a moment…

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